Mother’s Day

By Kevin Cain

On the 12th August 2017, Thailand will celebrate Mother’s Day which is of course the day that the whole nation celebrates the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, who is widely regarded as the Mother of all Thai people, and hence the name of this auspicious occasion is Mother’s Day.

The kingdom unanimously celebrates the day as the Queen is renowned for her benevolence towards the needy and the poor. The Queen has been warmly embraced and has a place in the hearts of all Thais for her devotion towards welfare and the well-being of her people which is even more significant this year after the monumental occurrences of October 2016.

.The celebrations do not last for only one day, flags and photos are displayed all across the nation in reverence to Queen Sirikit before and after the date.Also local and government offices are bedecked with garlands and colourful lights and firework displays are held in Bangkok and other regional towns and cities.

Her devotion towards the needy has long been admired not just in Thailand but recognised across the globe. Queen Sirikit served as president of the Red Cross in Thailand and she has worked closely with Asylum seekers from the southeast Asia region.There is a long list of honours and degrees that the Queen has been awarded for her tireless efforts in humanitarian affairs:

The UN Development Fund for Women awarded the Queen in recognition of the excellence in the performance of her duties in 1992. Back in 1979 the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations gave the Queen a medal to acknowledge her contribution in taking Thai women to a higher level. In 1980, Tufts University in Massachusetts awarded Queen Sirikit an honorary humanitarian degree. Also in 1985, the Asian Society Institution of New York, gave the Queen a humanitarian award and in 1991 the Children’s Museum of advocacy groups in the USA awarded the Queen with the International Humanitarian Award in Washington D.C.

This humanitarian commitment first started when the Queen accompanied King Bhumibol on his rural trips to impoverished areas of the Kingdom. She understood the need for impoverished households to create an additional source of income and promoted the making and selling of local handicrafts.The Queen was also instrumental in the formation of the Support Foundation in 1976, which supplies teachers to educate the rural community in how to create a variety of Thai handicrafts. The Queen then purchases these items and sells them in more urban areas.

SUPPORT (The foundation of the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand) has wide international recognition, and is not the only but one of her most prominent projects. So on August the 12th join the rest of the country in celebrating the birthday of the true Mother of Thailand, and take the opportunity to show the respect that is due to such a dedicated and loving Queen.