In this month of romance with Valentines, hearts and all matters to do with love it’s time we started loving our planet, our oceans and the creatures that live therein.

Britain’s beloved National treasure David Attenborough devoted an episode of his wonderful Blue Planet series to the mounting problem because in recent years there has been a mounting state of alarm at just how prevalent the problem has become. As microplastics from household and cosmetic products are washed down the drain ending up in the oceans being too small to be caught in water filtration systems.These small pellets termed “nurdles’ are ingested by fish, thus entering the food chain not only for larger sea mammals but in the foreseeable future for anyone who eats fish and seafood !

"This is a planetary crisis... we are ruining the ecosystem of the ocean," UN oceans chief Lisa Svensson told the BBC.

Plastic from shopping bags and polyester fibres from clothing can reach the seas in wastewater via our washing machines. Anyone who saw the pitiful sight of a whale washed up on the coast of Norway could not have failed to have been moved and appalled by the fact that it was found to have 30 plastic bags and other plastic waste inside it’s stomach Wardens had to put the whale down after realising it wasn't going to live and researches said that the fact it died from ingesting the waste was "not surprising" because the volume of plastic in our seas continues to grow.

“The Coast of Norway - what has that to do with us here in Pattaya ? “ you may cry but the problem if really rather closer to home when you read headlines stating :

8 Asian Rivers Responsible for Polluting 95% of the World’s Oceans with Plastic” (Netshark)

So what can you do to help ?

Join a local charity like Green Pattaya to get involved with beach cleanings? Or decide yourself to pick up 3 pieces of plastic a day.either from the beach or wherever you encounter it.

Remember the term “single use plastic” and reuse any plastic bags as rubbish/trash bags. There really is no need for bin liners, nappy bags or “doggy doo” bags when a plastic bag can be reused for such a purpose

Or even better Get yourself a tote bag to bring out when you do your shopping and automatically refuse any plastic such as bags, straws and spoons if you don’t need them.

Sign this petition at

Which you might have already seen on Facebook ( Go to Pattaya Trader Facebook page ).

Started 3 years ago by Tossapon “Joey” Liptapanlop, a 28-year-old civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it set out to encourage 7-Eleven to switch their plastic bag system from “opt out” to “opt in” (i.e. if you want you have to ask for it). He set his sights on 1,000 signatures, but soon forgot about the whole endeavor until an email from towards the end of 2017 alerted him to the fact that his petition had reached almost 10,000 signatures. It has since climbed to more than 20,000 backers. So his aim now is for 50,000 signatures at which time he says he will “present it to the people in charge”.

So get involved !

Rant over.