By Gloria Jones


From the moment you enter the auditorium as you are shown to your seats by friendly smiling uniformed ushers it is impossible not to be swept along with the general air of enthusiasm. The music is rousing, the stage massive and the custom built tracking which provides the technical support for the overhead spectacles, impressive.

Billed as a new hybrid of live action and cinema stage performance with world class technology, it is quite a feat that has been pulled off here by the Singha corporation. Inspired by Classic Thai Literature there really is something for everyone; Pirates,Robots, Magical worlds with Enchanted creatures, Live animals, Fire shows, Cirque du Soleil worthy gymnastics, Pyrotechnics and even Water Features - but I don’t want to give too many spoiler alerts just keep your wits about you and be prepared to look in any and every direction !.

In the foyer there is plenty of space and opportunity for “selfie action” at the beginning and end of the show but you are advised not to use cameras or phones during the event because if you did -you would never stop .The pace is frantic - nobody will sleep through this show and the modern day popular references such as mobile phone jokes, transformers, magical worlds and zany humorous antics means that the kids will love it.

As the show begins our hero, the young Kaan is found in a library where he comes upon a magical book with a hidden key. The key drops and smashes into pieces whereupon Kaan with his cuddly sidekick Gabilpuksa is transported into the story . Their quest to recover the pieces of the key found within a series of enchanted lands.

From land to magical land they journey, the melding of the back projection, stage lighting animated, live and overhead action ensuring that they take their audience on the journey with them. and each section ends with a finale in itself worthy of the end of the show

In fact the enthusiasm of the section of audience in front of me was entertaining in itself with their clapping, cheering, reaching over head and of course jumping to their feet for a standing ovation at the end of the show.

This is a full on spectacular event for any and every age group and a welcome addition to Pattaya.