High Tech Homes


Things are moving at light speed in the home automation and high tech fields of late. So how can you take advantage of these trends when buying a new home or simply upgrading an existing property? 
First it is worth looking at the entertainment field, as this is where some of the biggest strides have occurred of late. Certainly the mainstay of TV, a satellite link, is still very much worth having, but with weather sometimes interrupting the signal it is well worth having a back up for the “box”.
Apple TV
Apple TV and other Internet TV boxes have become very popular of late. The ability to load YouTube and other videos is also a compelling reason to opt for these options. Sure, you could watch many of these videos on your laptop but it would be good to make use of a large 40 or 50 inch LCD or LED TV, one of the high tech additions that you likely will have already, or if not, will have soon! 
Apple TV provides pay as you go access to thousands of movies but not all movies are listed. Where it lacks, it is worth looking at alternatives. Indeed the platform itself is just a cut down computer, which provides good ease of access to a movie database.  
Indeed you could use a computer set up and have this wired to your large screen, giving you access to other movie providers. 
Still, the reason why satellite TV is still successful is that it takes away the choosing part for you, providing some nice surprises of choices that you may never have made yourself. To keep Satellite TV running even in a storm, consider investing in a larger dish that is roof mounted. 
Even in a condo you should be able to arrange an extension cable between your unit and the roof. This will bode well for fewer interruptions when viewing movies and other content on Satellite TV such as True Visions. 
With computers in mind, a computer room is a nice touch and although there have not been strides in computer technology par say, computer ergonomics are the new big thing.  Well worth looking at are some of the workstation capsule designs where you can sit in a custom built seat and have your computer surround you. Some look like a cocoon sporting overhead curved bars from the seat top to support the LCD screens in front of you. 
Others take this theme further and make use of the curved strength of the bars all the way down to floor level. The keyboard and monitor bars are all adjustable and the comfortable seating arrangements makes game playing, office work, blogging and movie watching a pleasure, even if trying to accomplish all of them at the same time! 
Along with Internet movie, TV boxes and computer ergonomics is the requirement for a high speed and very robust Internet connection. Look to install a dedicated phone line for this and it may be worth having multiple providers supply data so that if one goes down you can still be online. To avoid any nasty shocks during a storm, an internet breaker system can be bought that will protect your equipment even during a lighting strike and should keep you online when many others are unplugging to protect against risk. 
Next on the tech quest is home automation and this includes remote and fixed controls for lighting, security and other elements in the home. This has become more advanced of late as lighting systems have become also more creative. Home automation’s greatest benefit is undoubtedly its ability to memorize lighting and other settings, and with many elements in the mix, the combinations of settings can be infinite. Favorite settings can include dimmer controls but also the setting of curtains, blinds or other shades, glass panel orientation, movement of certain furnishings, audio and video setting etc. The list can in fact be endless. Some of the best systems are expandable allowing you to make incremental additions to your ensemble. 
Look to incorporate the more serious side of security in any system since home automation should be working for you both when at home and when out. If your property is located within a project, whether house or condo, look to connect up your security system to the management office’s one so as to have extra security capacity instantly. Some companies also offer monitoring round the clock if the management of the project is unable to do this. 
Many of the systems also allow direct video to your smartphone so that you can self-monitor, complete with SMS or video alerts if any sensors are tripped. Automation can manage security camera, lighting, locks, air conditioners and any number of other appliances so as to give the impression you are there when you are away. 
For those looking to invest then it is safe to say this technology is still relatively rarely taken up and so something really outstanding can be achieved, simply because few other people will have similar systems. This will  benefit anyone looking to rent out or resell, or simply to woo their friends!