The 21st annual week long bikers’ festival always culminates with a two day extravaganza at the Chaiyapruk Stadium. This year thousands of visitors experienced the wonderful array of shops, food and drink stalls, Cowboys and Indians, and two nights of live music on the two big stages. This festival is in the top five bikers’ festivals in the world but is unique in its self-policing policy with never a hint of trouble and is generally regarded as the nearest you can get to the 1969 ‘Woodstock’ experience in terms of peace and love.

Incredible looking motorbikes, old and new, abound around the arena with horses and other side shows making a treat for all the family. Also this year the range of music had broadened from the classic Rock & Roll tunes played by Greek Rock star George Gakis to a Beach Boys/60s review by Endless Summer, lead by Barry Upton. Another festival favourite the band Goober Gun delat out some of their own brand of hard rock and there were female rocksters in the band Syteria. Many more Thai and international acts pounded out their music on both the Rock and King’s Stage creating a superb atmosphere full of fun.

One of the organisers, the Jesters own Richie Rhodes, said that every year more and more people across the world learn of this unique event and he is always finding new acts that want to come and play here in Pattaya. It gets bigger year on year.

A very colourful feature can be seen on Pattaya People television followed by a series of ‘backstage’ interviews . Another great Pattaya event.