When you are looking to build your dream home in Pattaya, you will need to understand the land laws and consider all the factors. It is important to carry out an assessment of the location to determine where you can afford to live. You will spend much more to purchase land in a prime location. Land prices have grown by over 100 % in the last few years, due to the demand for property in Pattaya. There are several factors to consider when buying land.

  1. The size and shape

When you identify the location that is most suitable for your needs and your budget, you need to decide the size and design of your dream house, there are many houses for sale in Pattaya that you hardly choose. This will help to determine the amount of land you need. Look at the plots available and determine the one that meets your specifications. If you are buying the property from outside the country, it is very important to get a reputable agent who can get you all the details that you need.

  1. Set your budget

It is very important to determine your budget before you start shopping for the land. Determine how much it will cost to build your dream home. Many people buy the land only to realize they cannot afford the cost of construction. Having a professional assessment from a good architect can give you figures to work with so that you can get the financing you need. It is a good idea to get quotations from two or three reputable contractors and compare them to find the best option.

  1. Local utilities

Before buying a plot, you have to make sure that the land for sale has easy access to local utilities. Make sure that you will have convenient water and power in your new home. The closer you are to the main supply points, the easier and cheaper it will be to get access. Many homeowners wait months to get electricity supply if they get plots that are far from the supply points. It is also important to find out if the land has sufficient drainage.

  1. Legal advice

It is very important to get the services of a lawyer when buying property in Thailand. A reputable lawyer will help you to get details about the land you want to buy and will advise you on its suitability. You can avoid making a costly mistake by getting legal advice. The lawyer will also help you to obtain the relevant land titles, and will find out if the person selling the land is the true owner.

Before purchasing land, it helps to visit the location to find out about existing and future developments in the area. Contact the local authorities to find out the plans for the area. The last thing you need is to build your dream home, only for a large condo building to come up on the next plot obstructing your view.