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by Belinda Wilson


If you go to Yoga Pattaya Soi 12 off Thepprasit Road on a Saturday at 10 a.m. you will be able to take part in their beginners class taken by Raweewan Arunsathit - but don’t worry you can call her Goi.

Goi is everything you want in a Beginners’ Teacher. She explains, she informs, she physically helps and most importantly she doesn’t push too hard.

Firstly I was impressed by how she conducted the entire class in both English and Thai and made jokes during the hour and a half to encourage everyone and “bring us together” Explaining that her class is based on traditional Yoga poses she went on to add that it also contained exercises she has selected and personalised-starting with the delightfully named “Sun Salutations” and ending with my favourite the ‘Cool Down”!

At this point I should give you a few helpful hints. Before you set off - bring water and a towel with you and once in the studio get yourself positioned under a fan (you will thank me). However if you don’t have a yoga mat fear not there are plenty available for you to borrow.

So throughout the class we went through many Yoga poses:: Cobra, Downward Dog, Warrior 1&2, Triangle, Chair, Fish and my favourite Child - a resting pose, are you beginning to see a pattern here? Yes I don’t like to overwork or over stretch I am not into torture but keen to get involved in the exercises that I see work wonders for those who practice them regularly.

Goi is certainly not a ‘torturer” she gently encourages you to “Stand tall like a mountain” “Have 50% on your right foot and 50% on your left” and during a number of squats to “ Smile” - maybe this one was a bit of a tall order! However I was suitably motivated when we were told that her sequence of stomach exercises were good for “burning fat” and most pleased when after demonstrating a pose needing exceptional balance and strength she gave an alternative stance for those of us less confident.

Go see Goi - it will give you a great start to your Saturday !