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Swingbyte 2 Mobile Bluetooth Golf Swing Analyzer

What is Swingbyte 2? It is a revolution in the game and will change your golf and practice routine completely. Finally you will able to easily understand where your swing is going wrong and most importantly how to fix it.

Swingbyte 2 pairs via Bluetooth to any smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Andorid. Once connected and the app downloaded on your device, Swingbyte 2 will blow you away. It will give you 3 dimensional graphics of YOUR swing related to your shaft plane and target line! It allows you to see your swing from any angle possible, zoom in and zoom out on to any part you want to see up close. Additional to the 3D graphics Swingbyte 2 also stores and shows you the most important data to improve your swing upon. Club head speed, face angles, club loft, swing path, angle of attack, swing tempo, shaft lean…just to name a few. It creates a history where all your swings are saved and you can anytime bring up your old swing and compare it side by side with your newly improved swing, to see where you have improved. You can also compare your swing graphics and the data to pro swing models! What better guidance could you get?

To put another exclamation mark onto Swingbyte 2…..it even allows you to record your own life swing video and compare it side by side with your 3D graphics plus you can share your data with your friends or even your pro! You could be having a bad day at the range and your pro is not around, simply send him your swing data, graphics and videos for his opinion.

To put it short Swingbyte 2 is the total package.

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