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Sport Point Tenerife Pattaya

By Felix Cavaliere

Whether you have moved to Pattaya on a permanent basis or are just here on vacation and looking for a gym to train at, you should head over to Sport Point Tenerife. It is far from the Canary Islands and there is no such thing as a siesta during a training session! As Sport Point is located on Soi 54 off Sukhumvit Road close to Tesco Lotus and is much more than just a gym.

As you arrive you will see the Muay Thai training area which is outside the main entrance. Your trainer Apichai who is mastered in Muay Thai and K-1, has totaled over 350 fights and is the first Thai man to participate in the K-1 tournament. If you are looking for a high intense fat burning workout then book a lesson or two with Apichai.

As you enter the reception area you will be greeted by a member of staff and should you require any workout supplements this is where you can purchase your whey protein, amino acids or pre-workout supplements. You can choose from a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly contract for gym membership with discounts when purchased for two or more people. As a member, you are entitled to discounts in the gym shop too.

From here you can make your way to the cardio or weights section both of which have air-conditioning and fans. The cardio equipment is great with a variety of machines which you can use to split or enhance your workout. There are treadmills, bike machines, cross/elliptical trainers and hill climbers that can all provide you with a great workout!

Heading over into the weights room you will find an array of modern and old school equipment which is great for the beginner through to the experienced bodybuilder. Machines are nicely spaced with sufficient room so that you will not feel overcrowded even if it is busy.

Then there is the crossfit room covers which has a large matted area with plenty of crossfit accessories. It also has a rowing machine and a spinning bike too! Then If you make your way outside you will find the relaxing pool area which is accommodated by a bar/cafe, sauna and a child's play area. So when you bring your kids, you can still have time to relax.

Sport Point offers a wide range of amenities and even has a car wash, so you can wait for it to be cleaned in the waiting area, or enjoy a workout whilst you wait. At the moment, Sport Point are building a hotel which is situated around the complex and will be a great place to stay with all these services available in the centre of Pattaya.