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Say Hello To Pattaya Sport

By Felix Cavaliere

In our recent Pattaya Trader editions we have seen many articles about gyms, fitness and weightloss. Each year we all try to make resolutions and tell ourselves that we will cut out this, not eat that and try to be more active. So to that end Pattaya Trader would now like to let you know about our partnership with Pattaya Sport.

Pattaya Sport is available to everyone who needs to find local gyms and fitness centers, fitness classes, sports supplements, where to relax after a tough workout, sports events and much more. This is an exclusive insight into the health and fitness industry in Pattaya and not only will local businesses benefit from Pattaya Sport but our readers can too! From local listings, health and fitness articles and now a new sports events feature the Pattaya Sport website, we can provide you with even more information at your fingertips.

Let’s Get Active

We have all been there when we decide that enough is enough. We go out and sign-up to a gym membership use it for a couple of weeks and then it's never used again. I am sure you can agree that before you have a holiday you hit the gym hard and go on strange diets that you have researched online just to show off your beach body in the sun. However, after a few weeks of sampling more than enough of the delicious local cuisine, sweet desserts and the possibility of excess alcohol with a 7/11 toastie at 2 in the morning, you may start to notice your shorts getting a little tighter.

Unfortunately you could say that some of the expats here in Pattaya have ‘let themselves go’ a little bit. Those who have been living here for some time may think that it is too late to get back into shape, whereas others may have some motivation but need to find somewhere to train.So perhaps we can provide you all with a little assistance by introducing you to Pattaya Sport.

Get Involved & Get Fit

You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym and eat a slice of lettuce with a grilled chicken breast every 3 hours. Following a balanced diet, and keeping active is easier than you think. I am sure there is plenty of information you can find online to show exercise workouts you can do at home or in the gym. So maybe you can learn how to do a few workouts and use them in one of the many gyms and fitness centers in Pattaya. Or maybe watch a few ‘How To’ workouts on Youtube whilst you’re in the gym. If you need a little extra motivation, Pattaya Sport also list personal trainers in Pattaya too!

We all know Thailand is home to some of Asia’s best foods, so perhaps you can go via a local supermarket to buy some whole foods rather than buying those processed, sugar loaded foods from the local shop.

Pattaya Sport

Pattaya Sport is a great tool to have at your fingertips so head over to


  • Local Gyms

  • Fitness Classes

  • Trainers

  • Sports Shops

  • Sports Supplements & Nutrition

  • Spas and Relaxation Venues

  • Pattaya Sports Events

  • Health & Fitness Articles

Pattaya Sport is here to help!

The events section is updated regularly so you can follow Pattaya Sport and the team at Pattaya Trader for local sports events held in and around Pattaya. We aim to attend as many as possible to review them both online and publish them in the Trader magazine as well. So, no matter where you are, you can be kept up-to-date. We also have plenty of ideas at Pattaya Sport as to how we can get you involved in the fitness community here in Pattaya. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, keep checking the Pattaya Trader and also the Pattaya Sport website and Facebook page!

Do you have a local business in the fitness industry or an event you would like us to add to Pattaya Sport?

Then head over to today!