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By Chris Millar (The Highlander) – Future Image Dublin Member

So, you love fishing, or have never been when you are on holidays or are finding it hard to convince others just how awesome angling is or could be? Don’t fear – we have five solid reasons why holidaymakers should fish during their break… And no better time to get acclimatised to water than on the Songkran break.

One of the not-so-evident benefits of fishing on Songkran is (Wait for it) that it is a great way to get some exercise. Of course, you aren’t going to burn many calories sitting on the shore and drinking beer, but an active day spent wading in a Thai Lake or hiking to a remote one is a fantastic way to get a workout without going to a gym or a yoga class.

Consider that a person of average body mass and fitness level will burn about 250 calories in an hour of walking on a treadmill. Actively fishing can involve a number of activities, such as wading against the current in a stream, hiking, repeatedly casting and reeling, and even climbing or boulder hopping in certain kinds of terrain. It is estimated that even light wade fishing burns over twice as many calories over a one-hour period. Spending time in the gym is great for short, high-intensity workouts, but it can be a hard habit to build for people who aren't used to lifting weights. Being active doesn’t have to be a chore. During a morning or afternoon of fishing, you could burn from 500-1,500 calories without even realizing it…. So get out and trim your body while catching a health dinner


1. Connection

Put down the iPads and mobile phones and connect the good old-fashioned way - with conversation. Fishing is the type of activity that encourages chatter and, therefore, is a great way to spend time with friends. There’s something about the tranquillity of a quiet fishing spot and being in a relaxed environment that brings out the best in casual conversation.

2. Family time

For families, it’s tough to get everyone to agree on a holiday activity, especially as your children grow older. Yet fishing is the ideal family pursuit. This timeless activity can be enjoyed by all ages: you don’t grow out of fishing – you grow into it. Better still, follow our articles or send an email to the editor as our fishing tips for beginners can help anyone to get started

If fishing with children, let them play a part in the process to better understand the art of landing a catch. Fishing teaches children useful skills and values such as the importance of preparation, patience, and persistence among many others. There is something particularly exhilarating about landing that first catch – and the excitement on your child’s face is likely to be priceless.

3. Easy access

Fishing is such a versatile activity. It doesn’t matter where you are in Thailand, Scotland, or Australia, it’s so easy to find somewhere to dangle a line. Whether it’s from the beach or rocks, on the banks of a river or lake, or in a boat, fishing can be enjoyed with ease. And where there’s water, there is sure to be a fish

4. Relaxing

Holidays are all about relaxation, and fishing is a great way to keep entertained while taking it easy. Find a quiet spot to cast your fishing rod, perhaps even pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy a pleasant outing with family or friends.
Communication during a family picnic and the participation of everyone fishing has always given me heartfelt memories that I cherish and will never forget.

5. Value for money

Sure, when you’re just starting out fishing can put a bit of a dent in the wallet. Buying equipment for any hobby comes at a cost. However, once you’ve bought your gear, on-going costs are minimal. In fact, it can be argued that fishing offers the greatest value for money. 

Now that you’re armed with some perfectly good reasons why fishing and Songkran are a wonderful mix, start planning your first or next adventure.

TIGHT LINES EVERYONE and “Happy Songkran”