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What could be more “Hi So” than a day out on a Yacht?

If you’ve ever thought that it was only a past time for the rich and famous think again. You can charter your own version of a rich and famous lifestyle right here in Pattaya and of course gather a few friends along and it becomes even more affordable.

Silver Princess Yachts is the brain child of Sonny Souvannavong and has everything you could possibly need from a luxury Yacht charter company. They can even build a yacht from scratch if you really feel like pushing the boat out – sorry couldn’t resist! Or they have a 53 foot beauty built to Canadian design built to the highest standards of making and craftsmanship, to allow you to experience ownership for a few hours and day or a week as you please.

Sonny’s experience as a pilot (he actually holds a commercial pilot’s license) means that he puts safety before pleasure to ensure that all necessary maintenance checks are not only carried out but rigorously logged. “After all” he says “I wouldn’t fly a plane without making sure all the proper procedures were carried out before take- off and likewise I’m not going to have my vessel out in the ocean without maintaining the same rigorous safety standards”.

So it was my pleasure to spend a couple of hours aboard the beautiful Silver Princess and as we set off from Ocean Marina the first thing that struck me was just how smooth and steady it was. I have in the past been on a yacht off the coast of Spain and really suffered whilst in the choppy waters. Although the sea out from Pattaya was undeniably serene that day, Sonny explained to me that the Silver Princess is a “multi-hull catamaran” and therefore is more stabilized than a single hull vessel, making it far more steady in the water. Therefore you avoid the experience of everything flying around pitching off tables and chairs but instead enjoy a relaxing, soothing experience, go out on the sun deck to take the rays or just enjoy the fantastic views all around and the gentle breeze. Another interesting by product of the multi hull is that this allows for full displacement no “hydro planning” as we saw from a smaller boat to our aft (– see how I’m getting in to the whole nautical world!) which means less fuel consumption and therefore reduced costs – much greener too!

The other thing that I immediately noticed was the quality of the fabric used on the seating and cushions Sonny explained that the cost of this alone, was 300,000 baht because of course it has to be resilient to rain damp and general wear and tear - no matter how steady the Silver Princess is in the water.

At maximum capacity the yacht can take 50 passengers but generally groups of 20 or 30 have come aboard for trips such as:i

8 or 4 HOUR TRIPS – Island hopping around Pattaya Bay

Or specific destination journeys

Koh Samet - usually departing around 10 a.m. from Ocean Marina arriving at the island at 4 pm

Or Hua Hin - likewise a trip here would generally take approximately the same length of time

They have even been the venue for WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, and the filming of a music video shot on board.

Charter as the name suggests means that you can do just that design your own trip take longer and combine it with hotel stays for your own personalised itinerary. This has been done by customers wanting to go to Koh Chang and even as 1 group did, use the boat for a whole week taking a couple of days out for shopping in Bangkok and then (because this is one of the few yachts that can fit under all the bridges in Bangkok) take the Silver Princess right up river to Ayutthaya.

If you require the yacht to be berthed overnight the cost is 100,000 baht but general guidelines are that you should allow for a cost of 10,000 baht per hour the minimum charter cost being 50,000 baht.

For that you can expect a Captain + 3 crew but of course if you require more for example waiting staff then this can be accommodated. In fact Sonny is very proud of what he is able to provide should catering be required as with a variety of differing nationalities: Indian, Chinese, Korean, Russian – to name a few, he has had many and varied requests as you can imagine. From traditional Thai fare to more exotic fresh seafood such a crabs, shrimps, clams and oysters which are bought fresh early in the morning and prepared before travel. The Sheraton Pattaya is a partner offering packages from the hotel and also catering for the more luxurious events.

Basically just ask and Sonny will cost it out for you…….apparently he makes a mean Mohito too !


phone: +669.1464.2065