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By Kevin Cain

There is a new player in the Mabprachan Lake area concerned with fitness and health. Sanit Gym and Sports Club opened it's doors in February 2016 to offer a first class service and to deliver everything you could possibly want concerning working out and keeping fit.

The equipment is second to none in the whole Pattaya region, it is all brand new imported from the USA. The cardiovascular equipment is all Life Fitness whereas the weight machines and dumbells are Hammer Strength.

The whole gym is fully air conditioned, bright with high ceilings and large windows looking out over the lake. Outside a 15m infinity pool is a great way to either cool down after a workout or to get the stiff muscles and joints moving again before your session.

Also in the ample changing rooms there are separate men's and women's saunas and a steam room to lose those extra pounds.

All the cardio equipment has the most up to date computer screens that are also connected via WiFi to the internet. You can watch a movie, skype, email or listen to YouTube as you burn off those calories, so no need for any iPod's or any other entertainment systems.

The racks have Dumbells ranging from 1-50kg so even the most ardent of weight lifters has plenty of options. The machines are a mixture of plate loaded, cable and selectorised.

The most striking aspect about Sanit is the abundance of helpful staff around the building. They are friendly and knowledgeable and there is always at least one qualified trainer on duty.

Sanit has a great range of daily classes for patrons to enjoy, there is no extra charge to participate and each is taken by a fitness professional. Amongst the choice are TRX, Yoga, Boot Camp, Kettlebells, Martial Arts, Fitness and Toning, Self Defence and Strength Conditioning.

In addition to the separate multifunctional studio where all the classes are held there is a new Spinning area to be devoted especially for the exercise, as well as a thai boxing facility in the pipeline as well.

Talking to Peter, the manager, whilst drinking a refreshing juice at the protein bar. He relayed to me that Sanit are offering a free trial, so prospective clients can come down and try out in person all the facilities before taking up a membership.

You do not need to be a member to workout at Sanit and if you like you can pay daily. However, it is much more attractive if you take out one of their membership packages.

The membership at present is around 40% Thai and 60% foreign and there is enough mix of staff to service everybody.

For me Sanit offers something more than simply a fantastic facility and top equipment. The people running the facility actually know what they are doing.

They can give individual instruction if required by both Thai and foreign experienced trainers.

This elevates Sanit from most of their competitors who may also offer five star facilities.

If you would like to know more about the free trial or just chat to somebody to arrange a personal one to one then contact Peter 092 902 9593 or email Sanitsportclub@gmail.com further details on www.sanitsportclub.com