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A great party game for all ages!... Get to know your guests better... Have Fun...


PT Game 1
1. Take a Pattaya Trader Magazine (or three or four taped together) and place on the floor. Place a loop of rope, around twice the size of the Pattaya Trader, on the floor around the magazine.
2. The couple must then stand with both feet on the magazine or each other’s feet
PT Game 3
PT Game 4
3. One team member must bend down and pick up the rope and pass it over both bodies at the same time.
4. Once everyone has completed round one – make the rope circle about 15-20% smaller and start again!
PT Game 6




5. If you fall off the Pattaya Trader Magazine or touch the ground you’re OUT! The team that can get through the smallest loop of rope wins! Make the game more exciting by setting a time limit!



6. Send videos and pictures of you and your friends playing the Pattaya Trader Game to and you could win a cash prize!