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Now Fishing is a “REAL” Adventure

by Chris Millar “The Highlander”

Adventures in Pattaya are 10 fold and I am sure can be enjoyed by most but how many think that fishing is a pain in the proverbial and not a “Great Big Adventure” ?

I have fished all over the world but the adventure I remember most has to be going to fish in the Motherwell Boating Pond in Lanarkshire Scotland. My brother’s 9 ft Milbro Fibre Glass rod and his Mitchell reel was precious to him so when the bus stopped at Motherwell cross to let me off and I realized as I walked down the hill to Hamilton, that I had left the rod on the bus I was distraught. I ran to the bus terminal across from the boating pond in tears explaining to a clippie what had happened... She got me into the main office and the manager phoned the Wishaw office to see if it had been handed in – Yes it had and one of the drivers who had to go home would drop it in for me.... Biscuits and Ginger (Ginger in Scotland is what the English would call “Lemonade”) was fed to me and to be honest I’m sorry the rod turned up as quickly as it did.
Well I got fishing and went down to the wee island on Motherwell Boating Pond (now called Strathclyde Park as it has since been made into a yachting school). I set up and stuck on a worm and a bulb float.. I stood there for about an hour when the float started to dip. I struck and caught my first Roach ... I should have but I didn’t put it back because my brothers would have said I had caught nothing. Mrs. Toner’s cat next door got it – but it was an adventure that is lost to a multitude of kids and adults alike.

Remember this story if over the coming months you decide to get off your backside and enjoy the outside life beside a lake or river in Pattaya (And there are plenty)

Mr. O’Reilly wanted to go ice fishing. He had read several books on the subject, and finally, after getting all the necessary equipment together, he made his way out onto the ice.After positioning his comfy stool, O’Reilly started to make a circular cut in the ice.
Frighteningly, from up above, a mighty voice boomed, 'There are no fish under the ice.' Startled, O’Reilly moved farther down the ice, poured himself a large whisky for shock, and began to cut yet another hole.
Again, from the heavens, the voice bellowed, 'There are no fish under the ice.' 
O’Reilly, now became very concerned so he moved way down to the opposite end of the ice, set up his stool, and began again to cut his new ice-hole.The voice rang out once more, 'There are no fish under the ice.'
At this O’Reilly, stopped, looked upwards and said, 'Is that you, Lord?'
The voice replied, 'No, this is the Ice-Rink Manager.'

Tight Lines Guys and Gals !