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TPR Golf Academy Monthly Tip

The Grip

Ben Hogan was able to write five pages only about the grip in his infamous book, The Five Lessons. We unfortunately do not have the space for that so we will focus on the main points, such as:



Club position (in the top hand)

What I see on a daily basis is that about 80 per cent of the amateur players do not have a clue about where to properly place the golf club in their top hand. Please pay attention—this is a MUST to set your club correctly on the way back and to keep control over the face throughout your swing.


We position the club in the fingers, not the palm. Take your left hand (or right hand for lefties) and place it to the side of the grip (club face square), make sure that your club sits just at the top knuckle joint of your small finger on the inside of your hand and runs all the way along into the middle joint of your index finger. Make sure not to bend your wrist inwards for this, just keep the hand naturally on the side. Have the side of your Index finger and thumb touching each other. All that you need to do now is to grab hold of the club with your fingers and the thumb on top of the grip.


What you now want to see: two or three knuckles visible from the top, lower part of your index finger and thumb form a “V” which points in the direction of your right shoulder.


Do not grip the club at its end, make sure to leave about an inch to two from the top. This prevents the club from slipping.



The proper “wrap” of both hands

After we successfully gripped the club with our top hand, we now need to join the lower hand in and wrap it around the top hand. Take your right hand (left hand for lefties) and again keep it on the side of the grip and place the club again in your fingers. Small finger of the right hand (left for lefties) will overlap and fit into the gap in between middle and index finger of the top hand. The palm (life line) of your right hand will place and mold itself on top of the thumb of the left hand (right hand for lefties). Now grab hold.


What we now want to see is: right hand completely covers left thumb (other way for lefties), thumb is placed slightly on the side of the grip (not straight on top), again a “V” is formed by the thumb and lower part of your index finger, again pointing to your right shoulder (lefties, you know the trick by now) making both “V” parallel to each other and pointing to the same shoulder.



The three different gripping styles


The part where our right hand joins in has basically three versions of how our little finger gets placed on the grip:


Overlap Grip: Here we will overlap the little finger and place it in between the gap of index and middle finger.



Interlock Grip: This time we will interlock our little finger with the index finger of the other hand and get them wrapping around each other to properly get the hold around the club.


Baseball Grip: Here we do not join the little finger into the other hand, instead we just place all the fingers of the lower hand below the top hand, so that little finger (low hand) and index finger (top hand) touch.


There are obviously reasons why we have these three versions, while the Overlap and Interlock are pretty much for anybody, just depending on which feels better, the Baseball Grip is mainly just for children or men and women with really small hands.



Pressure Points

This is the last but not least important part about a good grip. Some people are squeezing the grip so hard, no wonder they have aching joints the next day! On the other hand, there are the ones trying to hold a baby bird in their hands not trying to hurt it…both are nonsense.


The main pressure points are in the three last fingers of your top hand, the palm which is on top of the thumb and the two fingers underneath the top hand thumb.


Feel like you grab the club firmly without tensing your forearms or stiffening your wrists. Keep your wrists soft.



Still quite a long text for only the grip issue. I guess that proves to us just how important it is.


We are looking forward to next month and also to you visiting us at TPR Golf Academy to improve your golf game.


See you,




Tyrone Renggli

Head of Instruction

TPR Golf Academy