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TPR Golf Academy Monthly Tip

The relationship between clubface and swing path


My name is Tyrone Renggli, golf professional and head of instruction at TPR Golf Academy.


It is my pleasure to announce that we will be working together with Pattaya Trader to give you tips and hints about the game we all love so much and, hopefully, to welcome you all here at TPR at some stage.
In today’s tip, I would like to explain, in my opinion, the most important part about golf:



The relationship between clubface and swing path


Unfortunately we have been misguided for some time about this very important issue, which determines direction and flight of the golf ball. Everybody was told to try to have a square clubface (pointing at your target) and swing to the right for a slight draw and a square clubface whilst swinging to the left for a fade (the other way around for lefties).


Only during the last few years, thanks to new radar technology like Trackman and devices like Swingbyte 2, have we found out that this is actually not the case. The old teaching made the ball curve way off target. The goal is to stay on target not left and right of it.




It determines the actual starting line of the golf ball. Wherever your ball starts, that is where you clubface is pointing. Note: It is not the swing path that creates initial direction!



Swing Path

As the name suggest, it is the path (direction) the club travels through impact.


The difference between these two factors make the ball curve.


Let’s say you’re swinging the club six degrees to the left, but your clubface is open two degrees to the right, you have a difference of 8 degrees, which changes the spin axis of the golf ball.


This scenario creates a ball that starts right (face) and then curves even more to the right because of the swing path being so far left. It creates the dreaded slice. This goes again for the other side—if we swing the club right and face is left, it creates a big hook.


The most important thing is to understand that our face and path should be closer together and matching in the same direction.


Straight shot: Clubface 0° and swing path 0°


Draw: Clubface 2° open (right) and swing path 4° to the right


Fade: Clubface 2° closed (left) and swing path 4° to the left



As you can see, if face and swing path match, it creates a straight shot (can also match to the right or left, leading into shots that go straight in that direction). If we have half of the swing path with our clubface in the same direction, it creates a curved shot that again lands on our target. Goal achieved!


We could go way more into this, but that would need more time and you coming to see us at TPR Golf Academy.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it!



See you next month,


Head of Instruction

TPR Golf Academy


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