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Going Fishing with Roger

By Roger


Hi Folks, once again the weather has not been good for fishing. Scot’s guys aboard Captain Deang’s boat had a good run early December. All the seven guys came back with decent fish, however there were no queen fish (bpla salat) caught at all. Most unusual as these are the main game fish for this area.

I have not had many trips due not only to the weather but I have had a new boat built for me. Just like a GoGo bar, the image in your head and what you end up with differ somewhat. So every other day for the last ten days has been at the boatyard. I got most of what I wanted, compromised on some bits and got a bill bigger than agreed. Ah well. However it is a lot more stable boat and using the same engine I get 11.5 kts as appose to 8.5 kts.

I have been trolling for squid to use as live bait. The biggest problem is that 60 percent die in the first hour of being caught. This is due to the stress of being hauled some thirty feet into the boat. So I decided to use three squid lures set 4 inches apart on 6lb fluorocarbon and a small weight on the end. I trolled this rig in two to three metres depth and only three metres from the back of the boat. I could see the top lure clearly as I raised the rod as I trolled at one knot. Not only did I get twelve squid but four hours later all of them were alive. This bodes well when I go for big fish as now I will only need to catch six squid before setting off. Live squid has got to be the best bait, I think the fish will hit them even if they are not in feeding mode. All the big fish I have gutted have had very small fish in their stomach, they must just hoover them up. When you use bigger baits the fish will bite them first and they bite on the wire or the hook. The fish will try to spit out the bait. That’s why I also like very small red sand fish (bpla si deang) as bait. However even using live squid will not catch fish if they are not in the area.

I had a run out to Koh Man Wichia looking for big fish. After anchoring up at the start of the dropping tide I put out the usual four rods. Three with floats set at eighty or so feet (sea is about ninety five feet deep) at a distance of fifteen yards apart from one another. A rig straight down off the side of the boat. All rigs were 20lb braid, six feet of 20lb fluorocarbon, nine inches of 30lb non coated wire and a single S/S hook. I forgot to put the clicker on one rod, so I looked in amazement when one rod bent over and line shot off the reel. Luckily I had just reeled in my small fishing rod so I had my hands on the rod in an instant. The fish ran straight away from the back of the boat, I had to weave the fishing rod around the other rigs to keep the line clear. Then the fish came back slowly, no jumps so it was not a queen fish. Directly under the boat I started to bring him up and he fought back by going straight down. This happened four or five times, it was a real slugging fight. I caught a glimpse of the fish deep down and just like a big horse mackerel does when the fight is nearly over he turned onto his side. Into the net went a 3kg banded golden trevally. I owed a favor to John so he got the fish and he said it tasted great!

The horse mackerel (bpla thoo) have just started to come in. Great fun on light tackle and as I troll for them, no lead weight. However they are late and still not in the huge shoals that made the water boil in fifty yard circle. Have fun Roger.