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Going Fishing with Roger

By Roger

Hi Folks, what a winter we did not have, high temperatures, rain and changing wind pattern. I think it has effected the catches both for big fish and bottom fish. Last month I told you about the spanish mackerel I caught being the only bite of the day. Going out on charter boats from Bang Saray, Sattahip and Pattaya I have seen hundreds of queen fish being caught and only a handful of Spanish mackerel. I once saw two Spanish mackerel caught on the same day. Queen fish hunt in shoals and Spanish mackerel are solitary hunters, that is why I was both happy and disappointed when I got him, it meant that it could be my only fish. Also the five ones I caught on my boat over the years were on four different live fish and one on live squid.

Going out trolling for horse mackerel (bpla thoo) with my buddy Frank on the last day of January after that cold snap and windy conditions I tried something new. We headed out to the Hin Pra Nang the reef just south of Koh Krok on a dropping tide as we have had some good results in the past weeks. This time I trolled with my usual 6lb fluorocarbon leader with a thin hook baited with a thin strip of squid and 3 gold hooks tied at three 6 inches apart.

These hooks were not baited because it would unbalance the rig and create drag. I know that gold hooks jigged close to the dock gets loads of minnows so I guessed that they would work being trolled. My first fish turned out to be a 12 inch 1 lb horse mackerel that fought well and dived down trying to reef me. That is when I picked up a 4 oz snapper on a bare gold hook. I got four more double fish and a couple just on the gold hooks. Of course there is a down side, I got reefed twice and lost the whole rigs each time, those extra hooks got locked into the coral and that was that.

The next time out the gold hooks only caught one fish in the first two hours of fishing, the regular hook got ten fish, so off they came. I will use them again when the fish are in suicidal mode. It just goes to show that the fishing gods like to muck about, do something new and you catch fish, do it again and again catch zip.

I keep seeing Thai’s fishing Koh Man Wichia with lures. They are usually on glass fibre boats with big outboards and drift over the area where I anchor up. What surprises me is that they do not use a sea anchor. A sea anchor can be as simple as a bucket with a weight, tied to the front of the boat with a 3 metre rope. This will slow down the effect of the wind on the boat as it drifts, making the lines go almost straight down. You know when it is working when the bucket comes close to the surface. When the current slows down and you want the wind to help you cover more ground, just haul it in. It’s a great technic for bottom fishing on the drift and if it’s real breezy put a second one out at the back of the boat. If you get a good fish on, bring them in. just remember to haul it in before motoring back to your start point!

I have tried Koh Man Wichia four more times and not got a bite. I have not seen Captain Deang out there for a long time, he’s got to be the best charter skipper between Pattaya and Sattahip. He knows something and he is not letting on!

Once again I am losing a lot of days to windy conditions, this weather just will not settle down and follow the regular pattern, life’s a bitch! Have fun, Roger