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Hi Folks, it's been a hard time fishing, weather’s been bad and the health has not been so good. Scott's group aboard Captain Deang's boat had a great trip out with 26 queen fish (bpla salat) and 2 golden trevally. I think they were at north east of Koh Pia as I have been at Koh Man Wichia and had little success.
I had been at Koh Man Wichia twice and had five small barracuda (bpla sak) a medium size queen fish and lost two big queen's. So I was hopeful that the next trip with my buddy would successful. I had caught four of the small barracuda (just under a pound .4 kg) with bare hooks jigged. I tie all my own rigs and this time I had tied four nickel plated long shanked hooks with 20 lb fluorocarbon to 20 lb fluorocarbon. Normally I avoid this type of hook as the long shank is visible and it goes rusty very quickly. The long shank (the fish cannot chew it) and visible is just what I want. You do have to use a four inch line from the hook to the main trace as sometimes the fish can snag the main line when it hits the hook.
The trip was a disaster, Frank snake bitten at Koh Man Wichia, never caught anything over a pound and lost loads of fish. The only place I constantly out fish him! For four hours we stayed on the anchor with one live bait out and Frank and I jigging. I got a pound plus barracuda and Frank zip. I was not surprised as when we first got there live bait was very hard to catch. And if there's no small fish for the predators to eat why would they be there?
After four hours we decided that the dead horse had been flogged enough and we went home. On the way back we decided to troll for horse mackerel off monkey beach as the tide was rising. In an hour we had several 10 oz fish in the live well and they had put up a decent fight on light tackle. Stunning that we put more meat in the livewell with light tackle than the long trip out to Koh Man Wichia.        
My fishing buddy and I decided to go to Phuket for a holiday, fishing of course. So we booked up a month before we were due to go. Problem was the bad weather down there stayed, and when we arrived it was blowing a gale, heavy rain and local flooding. We arranged a run out for 1,200 Bht each and if we liked the boat etc could for 8,000 Bht have the boat to ourselves. When the time for the pick up came and went, we called in and were told that three metre waves were pounding the boat at the dock. And that we were cancelled for the next two days -not a good start! Like when we got a minibus from the airport, 41 kms to Patong for 180 Bht with a stop on route to sell us accommodation, or trips. I like to see the location of the hotel so we waited the 10 to 15 minutes while the others got their promo hotels and the minibus company got their commission.
  So finally the day came, we were on a group fishing trip. I looked around the boat as we got on and saw snorkels and face masks and the only rods were the big rigs for trolling. We set off and started trolling with two out riggers and four off the back, after we cleared the first two islands and headed out to the main island of Racha an hour and a half away.
Two small fish a 1lb rainbow runner and a 1lb tuna were caught, no fun as they were winched in. The boat started to go close to all the other boats anchored close to shore. People started swimming and I was told fishing was not allowed here. We were on the wrong boat, it was a fun run out. After lunch about 1.30 pm they took us to a deep water spot, handed out hand lines and we got ready with our own gear. We caught some small fish although a bit bigger than we get around Koh Larn. And then home, we were frustrated,  and the rest of the group were happy. They had a good day, fishing , swimming lunch and home. Next time we will charter our own boat and fish all day.
So as usual, if you want any info on tackle shops or want to share your photo's of your catch of the day, it' or 0808356945 SMS. Have fun Roger