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Going Fishing with RogerGoinf fishing pattaya

Hi Folks, I have been going out to Koh Man Wichai some 5 miles west of Koh Larn. It is about 90 minutes from Naban so I have to be careful about the weather. Another problem is the shipping lanes, those big cargo ships might not see or pick up on their radar a small boat and even if they did there is not a lot they could do about it. However the fishing can be good, with the chance of queen fish and Spanish mackerel up for grabs.

Big queen fish jumped out the water

I anchored up on a dropping tide in 90 feet of water, put out 3 ugly sticks 6-15 lb, 2 with a float, depth set at 60 feet and one bottom rig. I used small live silver fish and red sand fish (bpla si deang) using two hooks on a short length of non nylon coated 20 lb wire. Whilst I waited for the action to start I used my light ugly stick 2-6 lb with a metal pirk. All of a sudden one of the float rods bent over double, line started to strip off the reel and at the same time I saw a big queen fish jump clean out the water. I let the fish take line and the fish jumped another four times in the next five minutes. Then the fish started to dive down, and when he slowed down to a stop I could slowly put line back onto the reel and then he would dive again. This went on for more than ten minutes, and the last stage of the fight I brought the fish close up to the boat but he was not finished as he circled around one side of the boat. Each time he got too close he would dive straight down, but every time a little less. This went on for five minutes, until finally with my arms shaking with the twenty five minute fight, I lead the fish into the big landing net, a 5 kg queen fish, I had hooked him just outside of his mouth!

I made a loop on the anchor line

When I take my fishing buddy with me, he said that it was tough to fish when the boat was anchored up. Him being in the front, my rods at the back were an obstacle. So the next time we went I let the anchor down. When it had settled and enough rope let out I made a loop and tied a second length of rope to it. Then I took the end of this rope back to the rear and started to pull on it. When the boat had moved sideways on to the tide I fastened the rope to a cleat. In a dropping tide of one metre and no wind this was OK and Frank was able to get his two rods into the water. If it was windy I would not need to do this as the wind will push the boat sideways also it would be dangerous to do this if the water was rough!

Seven bites but the fish kept getting offfishing pattaya

So we got out to Koh Man Wichia just as the tide started to run, Frank got a hit straight away. Something hit his bait like a torpedo, I quickly reeled in my rod, went to get the camera – and the fish was gone! The line had some how got caught up in his multiplier reel and the fish just snapped it in a heartbeat. That set the tone for the day, he got a further seven bites which between getting chewed off or the fish getting off left him a bit frustrated. I had a big queen on a float rig, he jumped out of the water and broke my main line as he landed. I have to say that I used to leave my big rods set up, with the weight on the main line. This weight chaffs the braid line more than quickly if it was monfilment line, so now I will rig up each time!

fishing pattayaOnly small catches on Scott's boat

Things have been quiet on Captain Deang's boat, Scott's guys only got 3 fish off the back; 2 queen fish and a small barracuda. Odd as at this time of year catches should be better. However last summer they did pull in some bumper catches which is most unusual. When the weather is dodgy, I have been trolling around Koh Krok, and the south end of Koh Larn for horse mackerel (bpla thoo) and snipe (bpla gratong). Catches have been patchy, one day twenty to thirty and the next in the teens. The first four years we have been doing this we got big numbers at this time of the year.