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The Highlander

Having fished and won tournaments on some of the richest coarse fishing canals and lakes in Ireland for Future Image Dublin, it was only right that fishing the lakes of Pattaya would be on the cards after my move from Bangkok.

At the age of 7 I was bloodied on the banks of the River Clyde on the rich farmlands known to many as “Clydeside” (between Hamilton and the town of Lanark). I remember the excitement of the early rise and my father’s footballing friends having a “Wee Dram” and a square sausage sandwich, to keep out the chill on a Boxing Day morning. My father played for Celtic, Preston NE, Scotland and the greatest team on earth “Motherwell” So if I say that Matt Busby, Bill Shankley, Jimmy Delaney and half the guys from Kellys Pub in Mossend were engrossed in a bottle of Dimple Whisky, then it’s easy to see that we were in good company. To be honest half of them were not even there to fish and for those of you reading this article who might say “Fishing is Boring” well how wrong canyou be !

Smelly herrings were attached to two treble hooks on wire and tied on with red wool. They were then cast into the middle of the river and the rods were sat on a raised rod rests… “ALWAYS take off the drag son” Dad said and how true that was whenever I fished for Big Pike. Also my dad would set up all the other guys’ rods apart from 3 or 4 and they all seem to say the same thing before retiring to the bankside and the cooker cooking bacon. Having some mighty craic they would say… “Good Man Goldie” (Ales Goldie Millar) as they sipped from their hip flasks.. “Which rods mine ?”.

In further editions I will let you know how that day progressed and in fact every Boxing Day after, failing none no matter what country I fell into. However first I need to explain why this excursion points to Thailand and fishing here.Just 10 mins away from my condo on Chaiyapreuk Road, while out scouting for somewhere to fish, I came across a little lake. I have tried many of these man made fisheries but Big Stock Fish that jump on your hook every 2 seconds just does not float my boat… Wild, Natural fish are harder to catch but give a better feeling of achievement than anything else.

On the lake I met 2 Thai anglers. These guys should be in fishing tournaments because their skill is second to none and it’s worth just sitting and watching them. Even though they could not speak a word of English and my Thaiis limited, we still managed to understand what bait and methods they were adopting.They gave me a share of the little strips of pork they were using and showed me how their small net they threw in caught small fish to catch the “Big Boys”… Badoop (Wild Catfish)...I fished away for small fish about 6 meters out (Similar to perch back home) while the Thai boys caught their Mums and Dads.

Fishing just ain’t the same without the odd refreshment and lunch so I jumped on the bike and grabbed 3 bottles of chilled Leo from the nearest 7 and shared the Spam and Cheese rolls with the boys..K.Sumet and K.Lek… It was this that reminded me of that cold morning on the Clyde fishing with my dad and his close friends.

Over the coming editions I will try and win over the guys who say “Me, Fishing – NEVER” and explain why sitting on a bank, beside a wild lake, clears the head, opens up your mind to the hearts of the Thai locals around you...but more importantly, give you a reason to do something other than watching gardening programs on a TV in a Sports Bar.

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