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Disabled Sailing Association Thailand to set sail for the first time on January 16, 2016

Disabled Sailing Association Thailand is a group of people promoting disabled sailing in Thailand.

Their inaugural event will take place on the 16th of January 2016. Around 60 disabled people will sail on three magnificent catamarans from Ocean Marina Yacht Club, Pattaya.  The objective of the event is to introduce people with disabilities to sailing.

The ultimate goal is for Thailand’s disabled sailors to represent their country in either the Sailing Para Olympics or Special Olympics. Currently, other Asian member states have disabled sailing teams, including Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia.

History shows that Thailand has a long tradition in sailing and racing. His Majesty the King of Thailand has led the way with sailing as a sport in Thailand. Like his father, a former military naval engineer, Bhumibol proved to be an avid boat designer and builder. His designs in the Moth class include the "Mod," "Super Mod," and "Micro Mod.  He also won a gold medal in 1967.

Disabled Sailing Thailand’s main objective is to teach sailing to disabled people. It will allow them to acquire new skills and to improve their confidence while enjoying a healthy sport. It will also open new opportunities for them to represent Thailand in an international competitive sport.

 The flotilla will be leaving Ocean Marina at 13:30 on Saturday the 16th of January 2016.

 For more information, check the website: or contact

Peter Jacops 086 826 1669 (Eng.)

Pat Tippawan 094 8214363 (Thai)

Families are welcome to come and watch. The boats will be crewed by experienced sailors. The afternoon sailing will be an introduction to sailing for anyone with a disability.