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Pattaya City has lots to offer with beaches, restaurants and endless activities to while away your time, but did you know that Pattaya is home to one of the most successful racing teams in Thailand?
CEA Racing was formed in 2010, up until then the team was known as TR Motorsports.  During this time CEA (Cranes And Equipment Asia) were a minor sponsor however after seeing how the team operated at the highest level, CEA decided to expand their interest in the racing team and become the main Team Sponsor from 2010 onwards and the team was duly renamed CEA Racing.
So who is the guy behind the wheel that makes the magic happen? 
Thomas (Rain Master) Raldorf  is CEA Racings’ #1 driver with over 34 years driving experience, born in Denmark this portly likeable guy began his racing life on two wheels, it was only when a friend asked if he would like to try out his Go Kart when Thomas realised four wheels was better than two! Having won several Karting Championships in Denmark Thomas’s work took him abroad and to Thailand. He began karting around the Kingdom and it wasn’t long until his winning mentality in Denmark followed him here resulting in multiple Thai Kart Championships.
Thomas quickly established his first team in 2000, “The Scandinavian Racing Team”, the team comprised of Thomas and three fellow Scandinavians. In 2002 Thomas changed the name of the team to TR-Motorsport. His exploits on the track were soon noticed by the racing world resulting in him securing a major sponsorship deal with The Pizza Company. From 2002-2009 The ‘Pizza Company Racing Team’ was one of the most dominant and successful racing teams in South East Asia with Thomas collecting multiple drivers and team championship titles.
As the contract with The Pizza Company began to run down into its final months, Kevin Fisher: Managing Director and founder of CEA seized the opportunity to take over main sponsorship duties. A new car was acquired along with a striking new, blue livery replete with the now famous CEA logo and CEA Racing was born!
Although the team  has changed hands the winning continues with Thomas collecting a massive 42 trophies over five years and firmly putting CEA Racing on the map as one of the leading teams in Thailand. The 2014 season was one of mixed emotions although CEA Racing won the Team championship they narrowly missed out on the drivers’ title. This was due to some unfortunate mechanical failures during the early races of the season. For the 2015 season Thomas and the team have entered not one but two hi profile championships. The newly renamed Grand Prix Racing League is the teams’ native championship and their main priority after coming so close the previous year. The team is also competing in the Thailand Super Series, after being invited as guests to race in several single TSS events. The team felt they could mount a serious challenge to the other drivers and hopefully come back with some silverware! Both championships are heavily supported and races can be seen on the following media, GPI Channel, True Sport 3, Thai National TV Channels 3,5,7,9, Speed Channel, Grand Prix Channel many races are also available online.
Races are held all over Thailand including the new Formula One grade track at Buriram,  The Chang International Circuit as it is now known has state of the art facilities and has been a good hunting ground for CEA Racing with them winning several trophies in both 2014 and 2015. A track closer to home is the Bira International circuit which is only a 25 minute drive from central Pattaya, this tight twisty circuit produces some of the most exciting racing, a great spectacle for the fans who can get up close to the action and come along to the pits to meet the drivers and have photos with the cars. But the race all the teams look forward to is the Festival of Speed week at Bang Saen held in November. Bang Saen is a tight and twisty street circuit, not dissimilar to Monaco or Macau as the track is so narrow crashes are frequent and makes for an exciting spectacle. It is the biggest single race event in Thailand attracting drivers from around the world to compete with attendances reaching over 250,000 for the five days. CEA Racing won both races last year and hope to repeat that feat this year.
Now half way through the 2015 season in both championships it appears CEA racing are well on course for even more success, the team are currently leading both championships with just two races to go. However this is Motorsport and the team will not be having any premature celebrations until Thomas passes the chequered flag and the title is confirmed.
You can keep up to date with all the news and info about the team on their dedicated Facebook page
View videos from the races on their YouTube channel
Or visit their website
CEA Racing is sponsored by Cranes and Equipment Asia commonly known as CEA Project Logistics. CEA are a global logistics provider servicing the oil and gas sectors and other major industries. Their head office and facilities are located in Laem Chabang just outside Pattaya - For more info on CEA visit