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There’s a brilliant new charity right here in Pattaya inspired by the good work of football stars all over the world.

Over the years we have seen famous and some would say “famously overpaid” football players give back to the sport. From David Beckham’s Academy now both in London and LA, to the legendary feats of Didier Drogba for his own Ivory Coast, Olivier Giroud has lent his name and support to Acadena.

Check out his video

and whilst you’re there discover more about this great idea bringing talented kids from the slums of Bangkok to the Acadena House in Nong Pru. There to be trained and educated to a standard whereby they hope to gain scholarships and completely transform their lives.

The founder of Acadena: Charly Nomdedeu had his own football hopes tragically dashed after a car crash at the age of 20 but has remained a lover of the sport turning his attention instead to training and coaching. This has included working with the world famous JMG Academy which has branches as far apart as Vietnam and Egypt.

Also, through his good friend Marco Fortune who was lucky enough to have a professional footballing career Charly has garnered the support of other famous names including: Christope Jallet and Dimitri Payet to bring attention to this great idea. This in turn has given rise to plenty of publicity such as reports on Thai PBS, CNN and a soon to be recorded 15 minute documentary on France’s premier SFR Sport 1 Channel.

So, with all the interest and publicity there is plenty of opportunity for any local businesses wishing to do good and at the same time get fantastic exposure by sponsoring these kids. As with all great football kits there is space available on the shirts for your brand to join Adaena’s main sponsor Engie Foundation and help with the costs. Costs such as: food, transport the rental of the house and even the football pitch where training takes place. Also the cost of the “Mai baan” a much needed cook, cleaner, laundry woman, nurse and general mother figure for these 11-13 year olds. These all have to be met for Charly to keep this going. So even if you are a private sponsor who just wishes to make a donation you can do so via the website or by contacting Charly direct via his email address:

Kick Start 2017 by really helping these kids !