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The temperature s dropped

Temperature DropThe temperature is dropped a few degrees:The Fahrenheit go-go (Walking Street) has been one of the better success stories of recent years. So, I was a little surprised to see it initially quite quiet when I last went in, even though other places were doing a good trade.

There are plenty of chrome pole molesters employed in what is a relatively average-sized area. A lot of those who were prepared to show off at least two of what they considered to be their best physical assets had clearly employed the services of a plastic surgeon to aid in the development of these 'trinkets'.


With about eight girls on stage at any one time, there must be another 15 or 20 lurking about the rear of the den. Not sure what criteria they employ for attempting to attract customers, but as with so many ladies of the chrome pole these days, they do tend to remain aloof rather than pro-active.

Personally I prefer it this way. The old days of being almost manhandled every time you walked into a den, usually by either (a) the ugliest troll imaginable or (b) the most avaricious member of the tribe, appear to be long gone.

Now, the pendulum has swung away to the point where, as a mate of mine noted, "the only time some of them seem to smile is when they're talking to each other."

Fahrenheit remains worthy of a drink or two, I just don't think it's quite as good as it was just a few months ago.

Lost and all alone: With so many dens of the chrome pole on Walking Street for punters to choose

from, it is hard to stand out from the crowd.


It seems to me increasingly important that go-go bars in particular need to promote themselves as much as possible before imbibers make it into the maelstrom that is still Pattaya's premier night entertainment area.

The Casnovy go-go bar (Walking Street) might be missing that all-important vowel, as in 'a' for effort, in more than its name if my most recent foray into the place was anything to go by.

The Jacuzzi has been sealed up. This is possibly a good thing, as it was the deepest example of the art I have ever seen outside of an Olympic swimming pool. A pint-sized chrome pole molester could have easily gone missing beneath the 'waves' in this thing without anyone noticing before it was too late.

Anyway, the rest of the place is starting to look like it really needs a facelift and some renovation. When Champion go-go actually looks like a modern example of an ogling den by comparison with Casnovy, then surely the owners can no longer rely on the average drunk to not notice.

Apart from one very attractive purveyor of the dancing craft, the remainder of the crew were a pretty sorry lot.

About the only interesting 'event' to take place to at least enliven proceedings was the arrival of a foreigner dressed, and I kid you not, all in black: from knee-length boots to fishnet stockings. This ensemble was topped off with a blonde shoulder-length wig and enough lipstick to keep Estee Lauder in profit for many years to come. Imagine the Rocky Horror Picture Show on ecstasy.


Not quite sure if the foreign ladyboy thought 'he' was coming into a den full of potential Casanova's or was just curious as to how a go-go in Fun Town could stay open with such a silly name.

Draft amber fluid may be cheap at 60 baht for a glass, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back.

Are you a true Pattaya Survivor?: If the names Goldfingers, Spicy Girls, Tahitian Queen 2, Club Electric Blue, or Catz ring a distant bell in your psyche, then you might well be interested in a piece of quite unique apparel.

The five above-mentioned names are all former Pattaya go-go bars. If you add Babewatch, Beavers, Club Boesche, Coyotee's, Frozen, Giligin's, Paris, Sisterz, Vixens and 2XS to that list, and you happen to be someone who either recalls all of them and could say they'd had a drink in most, then you may well be entitled to call yourself a Pattaya Survivor.

All 15 of these go-go bars operated in various parts of Fun Town between 1991 and 2011. During that two-decade span a few of them became, for a time, among the most popular hangouts in Pattaya.

Club Electric Blue, Club Boesche, and Spicy Girls were, at varying times, easily among the top four or five dens of the chrome pole in the city. Not far behind were the likes of Coyotee's, Sisterz and even Paris and Catz.


I'm not sure if I should admit this, but I can recall having a drink in every last one of these places, some of them more often than others.

A series of photos of the neon signs which used to light up the nighttime and attempt to lure the walking wallets of Fun Town into these disappeared establishments have now been collaged into a unique and exclusive t-shirt, as well as a set of postcards and posters, with the tag line: 'If you remember these, you're a Pattaya Survivor'.

The t-shirts aren't cheap -a basic dark example retailing at $39.95 (about 1,200 baht)- but then again, they're exclusive and, arguably, unable to be copied, unlike almost everything else in Pattaya and Thailand.

The design is also available as a postcard for just $1.83 (approximately 55 baht) or a poster at $14.20 (450 baht or so).

They're only available via the Internet. So, if you're reading this online then follow this link ( ). If you're reading this in the physical magazine and are interested, then just note the url and next time you're online have a look.