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The Coffee House

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to coffee houses in Pattaya. Situated on Jomtien Second Road opposite the Atlantis Condominium, is a brand spanking new edition to Pattaya’s thriving coffee shop scene.The Coffee House is a new purpose built coffee house / bistro that sparkles in its freshness, both in decor and design.

The visitor is first attracted to the striking white frontage and black framed windows and also the welcoming comfortable chairs at the front of The Coffee House. There is also a fully stocked alcoholic bar, where as an alternative to coffee, you can enjoy a relaxing drink in the sun.The interior is classy, dominated by an island bar where cappuccinos are professionally despatched by the fully trained baristas. Glass cabinets filled with every sort of gateau, meringue, multi-coloured macaroon or cream cake tempt customers to an accompaniment with their coffee.For those with families there is also a large courtyard at the rear in which to sip coffee or devour milkshakes al fresco and where the kids can run about to their hearts’ content enjoying their day.

Opening times are from 8am to 10pm, during which breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners are served. Surprisingly the breakfast menu starts at a very reasonable 90 baht, whilst a delicious sandwich such as the Coffee House Club is only 140 baht. A range of Burgers start at 240 baht and If you are staying for an evening meal there is a choice of western or Thai dishes.The extensive Thai menu starts at just 100 baht, and there are some surprising additions to choose from on the card. Simple fare such as Bangers & Mash are alongside imported Australian Tenderloin Steak, BBQ Ribs, Gammon Steak and all manner of other tempting offerings. Finally the menu finishes off with a wide choice of desserts or ice-creams.

The Coffee Shop does not stop at just delivering the perfect Vittoria coffee, it also has a fully stocked bar and an interesting wine selection with bottles of red, white and rose to choose from is priced between 750 - 1,350 baht. There are of course also house wines available by the glass if you prefer.

The Coffee House offers a relaxed chic ambience, the polished wooden floor is complemented by the designer furniture and the friendly attitude of the attentive staff. It is much more than its name suggests, it is a place where you can be just at home sipping a hot espresso or devouring a juicy steak.No table or space is overlooked, and unlike many of its competitors the Coffee House has abundant room to accommodate many patrons whilst still maintaining a feeling of comfortable intimacy.

Next time you are venturing over Jomtien way pop in to the Coffee House - you will definitely be impressed.!