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The Barn Steak House

By Kevin Cain

Today we venture out to Pattaya Sheep Farm and visit the wonderful Barn Steak House Restaurant. The first thing that holds your attention is the venue as it is quite unique in Pattaya and certainly very charismatic. It is an imposing double height replica of an American Western-Style Barn, with an impressive double glass frontage overlooking a massive wooden decked outdoor area. Your choice of al fresco dining or sitting in the modern air conditioned interior is totally up to you. Once inside you are ushered to a rustic table by the welcoming staff with a smile and a hearty greeting. The bare concrete walls add to the modernistic but homely atmosphere which is bright and airy.

Iced glasses of water are proffered whilst menus are handed out. It is worth noticing that The Barn has a kids eat free policy if the child is under 110cm - that is providing an accompanying adult selects from the main meal options.

The clever design of the menu sees a mixture of flame grilled fare as you would expect from a steakhouse, with a careful selection of dishes to suit most palates. Amongst the appertisers are mexican quesadillas, tortilla wrapped smoked chicken and vegetables served with a sour sauce. Cheese spring rolls, deep fried complete with a lettuce salad and a thousand dressing are also highly tempting.

For a healthier option there are salads fresh, crisp and delicious including the wonderful smoked duck breast salad and the hearty ham and cheese salad served with mixed diced vegetables, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, ham and a choice of dressings.

If you are popping in around lunchtime you can take full advantage of the juicy burgers and bulging sandwiches, all extraordinary value for money. The chicken satay burger is an unusual but tasty offering, the delicate chicken breast is first marinated in spices before flame grilling then served with a peanut sauce and fries. Also the lamb burger is a big favourite, made with a homemade patty and served with fries.

A place that advertises itself as a steakhouse should offer a decent steak, The Ranch exceeds in this department. All the beef is imported from Australia and cooked to perfection. There is sirloin, rib-eye, T-bone, and tenderloins - all succulent and mouth watering. For this quality of meat,the prices are hard to believe. The steaks are all served with baby carrots, spicy wedged potatoes and a slightly spicy black pepper sauce.

The highlight of the main meals menu, as the Pattaya Trader team all agreed, were the divine perfectly grilled lamb chops which arrived complete with a heddy aroma of the accompanying mint sauce, served in a shot glass. The outside chargrilled flavour perfectly complemented the soft, pink, luscious flesh that fell away from the bone and left a sweet delicate flavour on the lips.

The presentation at The Barn is quite simply stunning, better than you would see in most fine dining restaurants but with prices closer to that of a burger bar. The service is also perfect, with the well trained staff attentive but not overly so.The Barn also offers a good selection of fish dishes, a full range of pastas and a delicious kids menu with many favourites such as chicken fingers, fish & chips and spaghetti. If you can manage to tackle a dessert then delights like creme brulee, panna cotta and banana & apple spring rolls are all available to choose from.

A fully stocked bar and wine available by the glass makes the whole dining experience at The Barn complete. If this restaurant was in central Pattaya it would be fully booked every night, as it is The Barn is definitely worth the twenty minutes drive from the city.