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Tequila Reef Restaurant

By Brian Stewart


If you enjoy more than ample portions of diverse and hearty fare, combined with exotic tropical drinks that are served in a convivial atmosphere at a price that won’t embarrass your budget then stop making excuses and drop by Tequila Reef for some truly fabulous food and dazzling drinks



When it comes to edible matter, just like drinking dens, Pattaya City is definitely not bereft of eating establishments. What this means to the average resident, reveler and rubbernecker come meal time, is that they must choose from cuisines of every stripe and persuasion that are hawked by eateries whose caliber range from greasy grub to divine dining. If you or your party happens to agree to disagree on what flavour of food is best to masticate, there is but one restaurant in Pattaya that is sure to please all pallets. I’m speaking specifically about Tequila Reef Restaurant situated some sixty meters from the beach, off Pattaya Beach Road on Soi 7 in central Pattaya.


Mexican and so much more

Trading since 2001, Tequila Reef has earned a well deserved reputation as the place to go in Pattaya for great Mexican food. However, Tequila Reef is not just a Mexican restaurant as the diversity of its menu includes such things as bacon and cheese potato skins, cream of mushroom soup, chicken Caesar salad, a mixed grill of barbequed steak, chicken and pork ribs, Cajun style blackened duck breast, fish and chips, salmon fillet with butter and lemon, chicken or pork schnitzel, sizzling fajitas, filet mignon topped with bacon, a Philly cheese steak hoagie, and a full range of Thai dishes. Add to that a host of desserts, side dishes, extras and a bevy of beverages, Tequila Reef definitely has something for everyone. Tequila Reef offers a wide range of Mexican fare comprised of “build your own” combination plates where diners choose from a selection of beef, pork or chicken tacos, burritos and enchiladas, which are served with a side of Mexican rice and beans, and the option of flour or corn tortillas.


21 different appetizers

Maybe you don’t fancy eating utensils and are in the mood for something that’s finger licking good. If so, Tequila Reef is more than capable of supplying its patrons with a vast array of finger foods in the form of no less than 21 different appetizers. Choose from the likes of taquitos, which is a rolled and deep-fried taco filled with spicy pork or chicken that is topped with fresh salsa and sour cream or Nachos grande – a virtual mountain of tortilla chips topped with Mexican beans, your choice of steak, chicken or pork, melted cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream, or battered and deep-fried mushrooms and Cajun style popcorn shrimp, both of which are served with spicy 1000 island and shrimp cocktail dipping sauces.

If you happen to be a two fisted eater, you’ll be more than pleased with Tequila Reef’s line-up of juicy hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chili burgers and hot dogs or its unique “sloppy Joe” taco burger. Then there’s a whole host of “hoagies” of heroic proportions, some of which feature hot pastrami, savory roast beef with sautéed onions and au jus, barbecued beef, chicken or pork, Italian meatballs or deli style cold cuts and plain old tuna salad.


Hand shaken margaritas

If you subscribe to the theory that no meal is complete without an aperitif, cocktail or after dinner drink, Tequila Reef’s extensive adult beverage menu and full bar won’t disappoint. Whether its fine wine, ice cold beer or top shelf spirits, you’ll be able to imbibe the alcoholic beverage of your choice. As the name suggests, tequila, a spirit distilled from the blue aguave plant is featured prominently. In fact, Tequila Reef is famous for its frozen, fresh fruit, and hand shaken margaritas and daiquiris. If you’ve never enjoyed a margarita, don’t miss the opportunity to sample one of this establishment's world class margarita flavours which include the “Blue Lagoon”, “Gold Rush”, and “Cadillac” or fresh blended mango, pineapple and banana margaritas.

Tequila Reef holds a number of very affordable all you can eat buffets throughout the year, each of which usually coincides with a major holiday or sporting event. In addition they have discounted daily specials comprised of Mexican Monday, Taco Tuesday, Rib's Wednesday, Burrito Thursday, Fajitas Friday, Salmon Saturday and Steak Sunday.