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Siambury’s Lighting Up The Dark Side

By Kevin Cain

A recent foray onto the Dark Side bought an unexpected delight when when wandering around Soi Khao Talo. A familiar orange sign came into view but this time its name was “Siambury’s”.

This new store has opened to satisfy, mainly the farang residents of Pattaya who are missing their little home comforts. Some of the items stocked you might see elsewhere but Siambury’s has a much wider selection of imported foods and drinks from England and Europe than its competitors. The first thing visitors will notice are the prices. Siambury’s is more competitive than anywhere else in town and its wide selection of coveted items such as pies, bacon, sausages, sweets, crisps, pickles, sauces, drinks etc. is not to be found anywhere else.

On entering the air conditioned shop the first cooler cabinet contains some excellent cheese at prices that cannot be found anywhere else in Pattaya. Not just 5 or 10% cheaper but significantly more than that. One of the items was a kilo of mature cheddar cheese for just over 300 baht.Progressing further into Saimbury’s there is row after row of freezer cabinets containing a variety of English sausages, different cuts of bacon, gammon steaks, precooked and frozen fish and a whole selection of Wok n’ Rock meals.

In the centre of the store are all the bottled, canned and dry goods packed up on loaded shelves. With enticing produce and familiar names, such as Branston pickle, Patak’s sauces, Haywards pickled onions, HP sauce, Sarsons vinegar, Lea & Perrins Worcester sauce, Heinz garden peas, Harry Ramsden’s mushy peas. Spam, Fray Bentos pies, Iron Bru.

Also for younger members of the family or those with a sweet tooth, there are some welcome reminders of home: Crunchie, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, Maynards Wine Gums, Poppets, Curly Whirly, Foxes Fruits and more savory treats such as, Walkers Crisps, Quavers, Frisps and Wotsits to name but a few. Or if you are pining for some cereal in the morning then all the old favourites are there, Weetabix, Kellogg’s Bran Flakes, Frosties, Nestle Shreddies and Weetabix. Plus your favourite fruit juices, Vimto, Ribena and Robinson’s.

As with any importer obviously some lines disappear from view when sold out, but return again with the next delivery. So be patient. Siambury’s is a friendly place to shop, the staff let customers browse without interference and they even offer a monthly promotion. For every 500 baht spent in store the purchaser receives a ticket to the draw, prizes change on a monthly basis but are well worth winning.

If you are at a loss where to find those little reminders of home, then take a trip out to the Dark Side and give Siambury’s a try. The only problem is that you will probably want to buy the shop - so be sure to take enough money with you !