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Saunter down Soi Buakaow

WitherspoonsThis months bar crawl takes us along two sois which are popular with expats and holiday makers alike. Soi Chaiyapoon and Soi Buakaow both of which have reputations for offering some of the lowest prices to be found here in Pattaya, may this be accommodation, food or drink. Tonight I will be putting the drinking part to the test, by visiting a bar offering a buy one, get one free deal, a well established sports bar, a gogo bar and a large beer bar. My first drink of the evening takes me to the Triangle bar, a more apt name for a bar you could not find.

Arriving from Soi Buakaow this large triangular bar sits where Soi X-Zite meets Soi Chaiyapoon. Although not exactly off the beaten track, I am taken by surprise on just how busy this bar is. This maybe due to the fact that premiership football will be on our screens later, or a more likely reason is its still happy hour. I should make that a happy 12 hours, as this bar offers a buy one, get one free policy from 9am till 9pm. This buys me two bottles of Leo for the grand sum of just 75 Baht.

Unfortunately once 9pm passes it become apparent that customers don't want to pay the full price, resulting in a bar which ends up as empty as Paris Hiltons head. This is a real shame because the Triangle is a decent bar, its even more decent if you arrive before 9pm. My next bar takes me back to Soi Buakaow to Witherspoons, a sports bar which is popular with people who originate from the UK.

If you like watching spo rt then this bar is the place to get your fix. You can sit in here early morning, enjoy an English fried breakfast while watching a live ice hockey game. All the worlds major sporting events are shown here, plus some which leave us Brits scratching our heads, baseball and American football spring to mind.

Tonight it is packed with English football fans watching their favourite premiership teams. Every single game is screened live on the many televisions dotted around. To make us 'Brits' feel even more at home, this bar sells a range of drinks which are popular with drinkers from the UK. A nice gesture comes during the half time interval when the bar staff come around with platters of nibbles, including spring rolls, chips and bbq chicken.

I spend the second half of the football trying desperately not to miss any of the goals. This results in me twisting my head in all directions as cheers erupt from different areas of the bar, as and when a team scores. When the final whistles are blown I take this as my cue to depart.

Club Oasis AgogoOn leaving Witherspoons I literally walk all of five yards before arriving at Club Oasis Agogo.

I keep reading in local publications about a new bread of visitor holidaying here in Pattaya. People who have no interest in sitting in beer bars or gogo bars, people who are looking for some sophistication on their nights out. If this is indeed the case, then I am seeing little evidence of it here in Oasis. This place, like the previous two bars is doing excellent trade with what can be best described as your Pattaya visitor of old. This is not a criticism, far from it, these are guys who know how to go out and enjoy themselves, and where better to do this than a gogo bar.

Tonight in Oasis there are some very attractive girls who wouldn't look out of place in some of the finer venues on Walking St. This combined with very fair drink prices makes this a very enjoyable gogo experience.

I leave Oasis and carry on down Soi Buakaow, passing the bend at the R-Con before finally stopping at The Marquee Bar And Cafe.

This large open bar carries the name of a famous London venue, which in its day played host to what have become some of the biggest names in pop. Here in Pattaya the owner pays homage to some of these bands with a wall decorated in pop memorabilia. Photos and posters of The Who, The Small Faces, Hendrix and The Stones are on display. Not to mention another 60s icon the Lambretta scooter.

It goes without saying that the music played here is not your usual one CD, repeat play affair. Tonight I enjoy tracks from The Kinks, The Beatles and some more recent stuff from the likes of Oasis.

Soi ChaiyapoonI should stress this bar has more to offer than just great music, the drinks are very reasonably priced, and tonight they were served by girls wearing a sexy air hostess type uniform. One in particular is definitely worth checking out.

I will put my hands up and confess to liking this area of Pattaya. For my money Soi Chaiyapoon and Soi Buakaow offer all the ingredients required for a great night out. The bars I visited offered a combination of value for money, great music, live sport and sexy girls. It appears that others agree with me, judging by the volume of customers I witness tonight. Surely we can't all be wrong.

Marks out of *****
Value for money*****
Quality of ladies****