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By Gloria Jones

There’s a pretty dynamic team at Sunny’s which probably goes a long way to explaining the venue’s success in quite a short time. I call it “a venue” rather than just a restaurant as it is set in a large area of land and really does cater for the whole family.

Sunny’s offers parents the chance of a much needed break whilst enjoying their great food. There are some really excellent facilities for the kids both inside and out where they can let off steam and have fun. With a paddling pool swings and loads of playground equipment, the whole area is gated so the kids can play safely with 17 cameras to keep a watchful eye There is also a soft play room again video monitored so parents can rest easy while eating their meal. Sunny’s have a candy floss and popcorn machine - fun for parties and a kid's menu as well as a 1/2 price version of what Mum and Dad are eating

Already marked out as a successful family destination the team at Sunny’s have not rested on their laurels but already spelled out some extras for 2018..Already available is the new Thai Party Hire with different sizes of bouncy castles including lovely ones that slide straight into the pool perfect for kids parties and delivered, set up and then collected back from your home.

Watch this space for their Mediterranean themed steakhouse with an entirely new menu.

Watch this space for their brand new menu refined from the bestsellers over the last few months

Watch this space for home delivery service

Watch this space for organically grown vegetables and fruit brought straight from the garden to the kitchen as the ultimate in freshness straight to your plate. Already mangos can be picked from the mango tree outside for anyone choosing a dish such as mango salad

Watch this space for a pick up/drop off service. Right now Sunny’s will of course organise a taxi service home for their diners but they are looking at this possibility for the ultimate in transportation so no guests need worry about having to drink and drive.

Watch this space for changing specials and keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what's going well certainly when we visited the lamb burger was very popular.

This was one of the delicacies served up to us as well as a glorious salt and pepper King prawns with an apple and ginger purée which complimented prawns perfectly. The lamb burger, mentioned has is a double burger with 250 grms of meat really succulent with an excellent tzatziki dressing . Amazingly this burger is now so popular that the extremely hungry amongst us have actually ordered it as a triple burger ! Or for those who prefer a spicier taste as well as the extensive Thai menu prepared by Sunny’s Thai chef overseen and inspired by the now pretty famous Gerry - there is a Kra Pow burger which is absolutely delicious with the homemade (of course) coleslaw and Cajun spice French fries. Even the baked potato is beautifully presented with crème fraîche added to the creamy mashed potatoes inside. Each plate is lovingly prepared and presented from the beautiful prawn rice encased in half a pineapple to the artistically drizzled oil and balsamic on the plates of the burgers and of course the steak. We couldn’t go to Sunny’s without sampling a steak from Gerry who made Steak House in Pattaya so famous - and it really did not disappoint. - More of this when The Trader tells you all about this real Pattaya Personality in next month’s edition.

As well as great food they have a fantastic selection of soft drinks and draft beers including Sunny’s own brew They will even charge your bill 50-50 to your Biz Paye card - so what more could you want - if you haven’t yet tried Sunny’s for yourself I suggest you get along there with all speed.