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by Kevin Cain

Simple Simon's is to be found on Jomtien Soi 5 Immigration at the beach end. The first time I heard of Simple Simon's, somebody was recanting to me what a marvelous breakfast they had devoured that morning.

British owned and run, Simple Simon's is one of Jomtien's most popular British style bar / restaurants and is only a stones throw away from the beach. There is also very affordable accommodation above and the rooms vary in price from 450THB to 650THB.

The food served is quite traditional British fare although they do have a comprehensive Thai menu as well. Famous for their breakfasts, Simple Simon's also pride themselves on their Sunday Lunch selection at very reasonable prices.

The breakfast I wolfed down was the smallest on the menu and that still consisted of 2 English bangers, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, beans, 2 pieces of toast and 2 mugs of tea all for 120THB. I might add it was perfectly cooked with no traces of grease whatsoever and it was a refreshing change to actually eat bacon that tasted of something.

The staff are extremely friendly with very good service, even when very busy nothing is too much for them.

Kevin, mine host, recanted that their Sunday lunches are becoming so popular that they now serve them until 10pm at night, depending what meat you select they vary in price from 250THB to 195THB.

They offer free WiFi and also a free photo copying service for those customers visiting Chonburi Immigration office. All Barclays Premier Football games are shown live along with live rugby, golf, test cricket and of course F1.

A rather big surprise was their shop, where all kinds of goodies from back home can be purchased. If you have been having trouble obtaining those all important home comforts such as Tetley Tea, PG Tips, Bisto gravy, Indian curry sauces, HP Sauce, Midget Gems, Sports Mixture, Wine Gums, Thurston's pickled onions, Walkers crisps and Smedlys soups than Simple Simon's is the answer to your prayers.

Also there is a full range of London Pie Company's produce; pies, pasties and liquor. Plus they also stock quality bacon, pork sausages, black puddings, ham, gammon, Melton Mowbray pork pies, scotch eggs, (DELETE Red Leicester cheese, Cheddar cheese and Port Salut).

Although I have lived in Jomtien for over five years this was the first occasion I had actually been inside Simple Simon's, although I have always been aware of the name as many people have talked about it. In Kevin's own words, “It is a Jomtien institution.” And how right he is as this thriving business has been serving quality food and refreshing drinks for over eighteen years.

In reality Simple Simon's is a much more than a beach cafe / restaurant. It is a friendly home from home serving some top notch British grub and very reasonably priced drinks. Whilst sating your appetite or quenching your thirst you can also do some very home style shopping for your own larder.

As I was leaving, slightly more rotund than I had entered, Kevin imparted some rather surprising news.

Simple Simon's is now up for sale, this is solely due to his own personal and domestic reasons and certainly nothing to do with trade. So if you fancy becoming the fourth owner of this fine Jomtien institution then I advise you to pop along and see Kevin.

But if you are fortunate enough to become the new mine host please continue to serve the delicious breakfasts and at such great prices.