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New Attraction

This is one of many new features being built between the south of Pattaya and Ban Saray.  Go south on the Sukhumvit road through Ban Amphur and past the Thai Austrian Technical College (on your left). Then look to your right for a large green sign that says “The Country Place”. Take the next U-turn and come back to it…there is plenty of parking. The site is still in the process of construction but there is still a lot to see. The buildings are a riot of colour but done in such a way that they are quite attractive. There is the ubiquitous Family Mart to the left and an Oscars Pizza to the right. Of the two buildings in the centre, the right hand one has a sign that says Food Village but did not appear to be open. The left hand one with the yellow canopy turned out to be a restaurant. I walked through the green arch and into an area where there was a tower with a circular staircase to a platform…I can imagine children loving this. The violet building on the left is a conference/meeting hall and the path leads past the beds of flowers into other areas laid out with plants, hearts and metal ornaments (A Ferris wheel and a carriage are just two). To the left of this are various coloured Telephone boxes and giant strawberries leading down to a set of large figures, one of which is a Smurf. Over to the right is a blue and yellow mushroom house and to the side is a pen with sheep in it who were definitely out for the count in the heat. Beyond this there is a lot of construction work going on and you gain the impression that this will be a place to take your children when it is fully up and running. Walking back I decided to try the restaurant. Pickin a table at the side I was then pointed to another table between the two buildings that ha a pool full if Koi carp next to it. This was a good position as a very pleasant breeze wafted through the space. At this point I gained a companion as a large, furry, brown and white dog came to stand by me. After I tickled him behind the ears he walked under the table and stood watching the fish, finally settling down and going to sleep. The owner/manager was concerned that he was in my way, but I said he is no problem. The menu was very extensive, both in Thai and Western foods and I settled on a lime juice drink plus stir fried noodles with prawn and tofu. The portion was very generous, the taste excellent and my bill came to 165 baht. As I got my bill, the owner/ manager called the dog out from under the table using his Thai name that translates into English as “Lion”. That was a very pleasant visit and I would definitely go back once they are fully geared up. In fact if I was passing by coming back from Sattahip or Ban Saray I would stop to eat in the restaurant. 
by James L. 
photos sent to me 21/03/14