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Modernising a Property


Modernizing PropertyModernizing a property may seem like a straightforward task but in reality there is much to think about. “Modern” typically means in vogue or in fashion and for a good idea of what is currently sought after it is worth looking at recently renovated hotels. This can easily be done by simply being a walk in customer in several recently modernized hotels with a view to staying. A polite request to view the room will usually be met with no opposition and indeed a nice tour or the place! It is also worth looking at one or two older hotels that have not been modernized so as to see what is lacking!
Clearly hotels that have recently refurbished their premises have already gone through the process of modernization and with a larger property housing maybe hundreds of rooms, their decisions are critical given the large amount of expenditure in play. 
After making observations at several establishments you will likely find some running themes. 
First the front door; oversized is definitely in. These can be around 1 foot wider and 1 foot taller than a normal sized door, and even larger in some premises where headroom allows. Dark wood or a wood style veneer sporting a granite or black tone is now in vogue and if the door accessories are in brushed steel or aluminum then these will match and also be in keeping with the goal of modernization. 
Once in the property, the first thing that one steps on is the floor and here there are a number of options. Solid wood or veneer wood floors still command their place when looking to modernize. Tones are now very much open with mid tones starting to come back into favor. Look for very flat surfaces, favoring veneers vs. solid wood. Matt tones are also in vogue so you may find this also suites designer veneers since solid wood will require coating treatments giving it a shine. 
Walls in yellow or cream look fitting for a modern property as long as it is a relatively pastel shade. Wallpaper is also making a comeback. Look for designs that feature relatively fine repeating patterns in colors that are not too contrasting. 
As far as furnishings are concerned then the shape and color of various pieces can easily be identified with a theme of modernization. Look for sofas with relatively little in the way of curves or a wavy form. Instead straight lines with large radiuses look edgy in today’s property market.  A low coffee table with lines to match will also look the part. With colors in mind, soft furnishings in red, cream, brown and black look in vogue.
In the kitchen a similar approach can be made. Granite work tops and wood grain cupboards in black or graphite grey will take a cue from the front door, and indeed compliment it. Look for glassware that is straight cut and less ornate than, for example, classic crystal cut designs. Colored glass is also in vogue if used with some subtlety.  Stainless steel appliances along with steel utensils will finish of the kitchen nicely and are easily found.
For accessories, paintings with bold colors will compliment the otherwise uniformly prepared walls. A carpeted area will break up the wooden floors nicely. Look for light colored carpets in cream or white with repeating designs in them. Again, a look at hotels’ investment in their carpeting will tell you much about what works in todays market and what doesn’t. 
Curtains and window blinds are always a difficult call when modernizing a property and so it is worth looking at the trend in this area carefully. Blinds that have some new designs are worth looking at. For example, a blind that drops from the top but is all connected as one piece can provide good coverage of the window and also present a nice design when in place. It will also remove the need for curtains that are typically more traditional. That said, curtains still find their way in many modern hotels so the mains thing to consider here are the color of the curtains so as to match the theme of the room, and also the hanging arrangement. An open bar will still look modern and those curtains that have sewn in loops without curtain hooks will have the edge.
Technology plays a big part in the modern home and so it is worth showing off all modern technology installations. This could be in the form of the flat screen TV or audio system, or some forms of automation. In the kitchen gadgets with technological innovations can be equally shown off. 
Modernization can be completed on a relatively limited budget but it is worth embarking on the process by way of a total renovation so that there is no mix of old and new. For a one bedroom apartment a full modernization can be achieved for less than 350,000 baht, barely ten per cent of the value of a typical property of that size. Any money invested in the process should show a good return since the property will undoubtedly rise in value by at least the amount spent, and possibly many times over!