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MEALS FOR ONLY 99baht in Pattaya


If you happen to be strolling along Jomtien beach road just between Soi 7 & 8 you will find Soi Whitehouse, easily identified by the Splendid Resort sign at the start of the road. From there just a few metres on the left you will find what was once Big Mama’s Bar now going through something of a transformation. For newly named Mama’s Bar is now the home of Alex who is making Big Changes!

This bar used to just concentrate on the night time traffic but Alex has introduced some great food. Now you can enjoy:

Breakfast - from 7 a.m. until 12 pm for only 99 baht including juice and either tea or coffee

Lunchtime Specials at only 99 baht - from 12 until 2 pm

Then Evening meals served from 6 pm until 10 pm, again at the magic 99 baht price point

Anyone who knows Alex will know how he loves to cook and is more than happy to prepare food for his customers with his great team. Everything at the bar is made with loving care from fresh - there is never the rather worrying ping of the microwave that you might hear at other places we shall not mention!

You can check the specials on their Facebook page “Mamas bar and guest house”. On the Sunday that The Trader was there, the special was Wienerschnitzel a well known favourite dish with Germans, Austrians and the many Danish visitors to Soi Whitehouse. The portion was a fantastic size for only 99 baht and I have to say everything was perfectly cooked including the accompanying potatoes and carrots.

It is best to get there early to avoid disappointment. Recently when Spare Ribs was the special of the day - again at the incredible price of 99 baht - they sold out!

So get along to Soi Whitehouse, and if you would like to hire the whole bar for a birthday or private function get in touch with Alex and he can organise the entire event for you including all the catering. Believe me none of your guests will go home hungry!

MAMA'S Bar Soi Whitehouse, Off Jomtien Beach Road

Telephone Alex : 095 473 1856