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Jameson’s Irish Pub

If you are coming from Central Pattaya Road, turn north on Pattaya Klaang, Soi 12 on the northern side between Soi Bukhaow and 3rd Road. Jameson’s Pub is roughly 300 meters north, directly in front of the Nova Park. If you are coming via Pattaya 2nd Road turn east on Soi 4 carry on to the ‘T’ junction, then turn right and Jameson’s is right there.

Once you’ve arrived you will notice the oversized image of a glass of Guinness and the green and gold signage adorning the establishment’s faux pub façade. Upon passing the portal you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into a combination of a Victorian era gentleman’s club, a modern sports bar, and an upscale, yet informal eating and drinking establishment. Amongst the many amenities, there’s a sizable wooden bar, paneled walls, a library complete with comfortable leather armchairs, a sports area with widescreen TVs, a pair of pool tables, a spacious dining area, and private alcove or two in which business can be conducted and secret shared.


Jameson’s serves up everything from Australian Jacob’s Creek wine to Scottish Glenlivet whiskey, Irish Guinness stout, to Thai Sangsom rum, Italian Campari liqueur, to Bacardi Breezer. These, and many other adult beverages can all be ingested to raise ones spirits, help one relax, and enhance the flavor of one’s evening meal.

One of the nice things about Jameson’s is the set menu that changes weekly and from midday to midnight on Sundays a selection of ‘Sunday Roasts” are available. Also as Jameson’s Pub opens at 7 am, breakfast is served from opening until noon. A speciality being their scrambled eggs light, fluffy and always delicious. However, Jameson’s is much more than just a breakfast restaurant it’s all day menu covering a multitude of styles with the focus on high end Anglo-Irish pub grub. Starters in the form of soups, salads and snacks kick off the menu’s edible offerings. These include such things as homemade soups, a chef’s salad of the week, sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, fish fingers, and potato skins.

In regard to mains there's the 255 gram Jameson’s Hamburger Deluxe with optional real cheddar cheese, fried onions, a rasher of bacon and a fried egg. A massive burger on a sesame seed bun served with chunky chips and coleslaw. Or the Cottage Pie perfectly seasoned minced beef and flavorful gravy in pastry, topped with mashed potatoes and served with a side of garden peas.

Other favourites include Mexican Fajitas, Beef Stew, Fish and Chips, Salmon Steak, Pork Ribs, Half Shoulder of Lamb, and Spaghetti Bolognaise or Carbonara to name a few. There’s also a wide variety of sandwiches, desserts, and appetizers and 27 or so Thai dishes to choose from.

Jameson’s offers hardy fare and ample portions with food prepared to a high standard and their Christmas Menu at 985 baht offers tremendous value