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Guilty Pleasure Bistro


This establishment is not something we are used to in Pattaya. The brainchild of a small group of educated, well-travelled and young Thais, Guilty Pleasure is changing the way we see dining in our town. With high end well designed interiors, crafted menu items and an impressive selection of signature desserts and cocktails, this multifaceted venue is bringing a modern and young twist to Pattaya


Guilty Pleasure Bistro is located right on Sukhumvit in Na Jomtien (right next to soi Na Jomtien 40 to be specific), which means that visitors won't have a problem spotting the large and modern looking building. The bistro has a huge parking lot, so there is no need to worry about where to leave your car. As you enter the building, you will certainly be delighted at the design details spread through out the property. From big spacious rooms with lots of windows and light, your eyes will slowly shift to the smaller details that help create the sleek and chic style that characterizes Guilty Pleasure: rocky lamps, giant light bulbs that bathe the place in a warm and orange tinged light and brass beer ducts for their Hoegarden draft beer (though soon enough there will be craft beer flowing through them, so be looking forward to that!)

guilty pleasure cocktail

All about the flavour

It wasn't too long after talking to the chef that I quickly realized Guilty Pleasure is all about the flavour: They have a very keen focus on high quality, fresh ingredients which they use religiously and with pride. All of their lamb dishes are made with New Zealand prime cuts, and their beef either comes from Australia or New Zealand. The vanilla used for desserts and ice-creams is imported from Madagascar while all the chocolate used (and they do use a lot) is exclusively from France. You can really taste the difference too; I got to try the mixed berry ice-cream and it was so packed with fresh berries it felt like we were actually eating the fruits mixed with cream, it was that good.

Guilty Pleasure is what you want it to be


Throughout our interview, both the manager and the chef kept referring to the venue as different things, sometimes I would hear it being described as a bistro restaurant, a bar and even a coffee shop; at some point I had to ask why this was and was faced with the simplest answer: “Guilty Pressure is what you want it to be”. With such a diverse international and Thai menu (which also includes all-day breakfast) you can enjoy a meal at all times of the day just like at any restaurant. At the same time, because of their varied signature cocktail list (and open-air wooden deck area) you can always just come enjoy with your friends as you would in any bar. Finally, given one of their most remarkable specialities is the dessert and cake department (and yes they do have the awesome coffee machine to go with that) you can always think of Guilty Pleasure as your number one cafe.

guilty pleasure prawns


By Matias Berra