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Go Green Drink the Local Wines

So in this issue of the Trader while we are considering our carbon footprints maybe now is the time to think of the ecological as well as economic cost of the wine we drink. Thailand is going from strength to strength with its offerings of locally produced wines. Here is a selection of some of the best on offer.

Village Farm

Chateau des Brumes Le Prestige (80% Shiraz, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon) 2013 (B1,900) 

Village Farm say this is a wine that has “The complex aroma of wild flowers and layers of forest berry flavors with the rich characters of blackberry, violet and subtle spice that are slowly and pleasantly released over time”.

It has also been described as being like no other Thai wine as it is so well-balanced, lacking any acidic kick and with a smoky depth. The vineyard owner Viravat Cholvanich’s claims it’s made with 100-percent Thai grapes. However at almost B2,000 it competes with heavyweight Italian and French offers.


Monsoon Valley

Shiraz 2014 (B1,200)

Monsoon Valley one of the biggest vineyards in Thailand (and the company responsible for Spy Wine Coolers Siam Winery ), say this wine has “Sweet n

otes of dark plum and cherries, and chocolate aromas supported by subtle spices and toasty oak. Medium body in style with juicy texture complemented by fine grain tannin and an enticing fruit flavor profile.”

It is very light—sort of like rose and just slightly sweet.


Heritage Syrah Viognier (95% Shiraz, 5% Viognier) 2013 (B960)

Described as  “Full bodied with an aromatic nose of red berries, cassis, red gummi bears and distinctive black pepper. The palate shows arrays of red berries, dark cherries and lifted floral notes, vanilla and freshly cracked pepper with great acid backbone… smooth with full yet velvety tannins.”

It smells very sweet but tastes the complete opposite as there’s a touch of sourness. However you could turn up to a dinner party with this and not be too embarrassed.

Issara Estates Khao Yai

Shiraz 2012 (B1,350)

 “Driven by the complexities of black fruits, red berries, raisins and tobacco. This wine exhibits hints of pepper, roasted coconuts and complemented with mild wood smoke finish from the barrel segment.”

 This wine is the sweetest out of the lot. Issara Estates is actually a real estate project whose key selling point is that it overlooks a vineyard so you might say that this wine is more of a marketing gimmick than something to be put on the dinner table. 

PB Valley Khao Yai

Reserve Shiraz 2012 (B790)

 “Intense aromas of hay, plum with a hint of smoke. The palate is bold and medium bodied with refreshing natural acidity. Lovely savory licorice comes through as well as some fruits.”

PB Valley is Khao Yai’s largest vineyard and this wine has a strong, slightly metallic aftertaste matched by what feels like a high alcohol content. However it is the cheapest bottle in the listing. Not too dissimilar to the Issara Estates’ wine being sharp and also quite jammy but is almost B600 less.