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Dining In Detail - Gerry’s Bar & Restaurant

By Kevin Cain

For those readers who are fortunate enough to live in the Pratumnak area, there is a delightful watering hole on soi 4 that you should really pop in to and say “Hello”.

Gerry’s Bar & Restaurant is an Irish Pub that could easily remind you of your local back in Dublin. The welcoming reception is warm, friendly and genuine, and the craic is what you would expect from such an establishment.But as well as serving fine beers and spirits, including draft Stowford Press cider, Gerry’s is simply great for food. The menu is simple, fine Irish and British food with a good Thai selection.

Whilst I was there, the people on the next table were tucking into a hearty All Day Small Breakfast, this included 2 eggs, 1 bacon, 1 sausage, tomato, orange juice, coffee / tea, and toast. The portions were considerable and I wondered just how big the larger option was.

I opted for the Breakfast Gammon, which arrived sizzling on my plate, accompanied by two perfectly fried eggs, a small portion of chips and some toast. The gammon was crisp and salty, just as it is supposed to be, and I regretted not having a pint of Guinness to wash it down with, but it was still only 10am.!

Gobbling down my delicious breakfast I perused the menu to see what other delights were available. There are homemade soups of all descriptions, tempting looking Fish & Chips with a choice of Atlantic Cod or John Dory.

For those that like their traditional food, Gerry’s offer a good choice of gut busting home cooked dishes such as: Shepherd’s Pie, Irish Lamb Stew, Chicken Curry, Bangers & Mash, Liver & Bacon, Boiled Bacon & Cabbage, Assorted Meat Pies and of course Burgers.There are also juicy T-Bone steaks for an evening dinner, complete with pepper sauce or gravy and all the trimmings. And for those who would prefer a lighter lunch or snack, salads, wings, nuggets and side dishes are all available.

As you would expect Gerry’s is a great place to watch the footy and other live sports on their flat screen TVs. The atmosphere is laid back and casual, and there is often a good mix of regulars enjoying a cold beer and tucking into to some fabulous home cooked food.