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Beachfront dining, excellent German, Eurpopean and Thai food at Thai prices = Deutches Haus

Restaurants that are supporters of Frugal Freddy, PCEC, and PEC give members a 20% discount on food and drink (prices quoted are before discounts), any time you and your guests visit and show your membership card. When we go as a Frugal Freddy group on Mondays and Tuesdays, no membership card is needed.

Our weekly outing of the Frugal Freddy dining group met at Deutches Haus and were hosted by Pat Floth and her congenial and capable staff. We anticipated 20 people and 21 showed up from 5:30 to 7pm and we were seated at an area reserved just for us. This restaurant has been located on Beach Road at Soi 4 for over 30 years and has many long time loyal customers.

Pat is Thai, her husband was German and during their marriage they lived in Pattaya but vacationed yearly in Germany where Pat perfected her German cooking skills and brought them back to share in her three popular German restaurants. One in Bang Saray and one in some Thai town that I don’t remember the name of that she says is full every night as it is the only Farang restaurant surrounded by Thai restaurants.

Pat’s dream was to retire in the German countryside with her husband, but he loved Thailand and fishing and she opened her first restaurant to give her something to do. Her husband kept asking her to wait one more year, one more year. Unfortunately he met with a tragic accident and was killed before Pat could realize her dream so she stayed in Thailand and prospered, raising two daughters and a son who are successful University graduates all running their own successful businesses.

Pat treats her employees and customers like they are family and can travel between all three restaurants and her house in Bang Saray with confidence that the businesses give the same level of service as they would if she is there. Pat tells me she gets up every day at 5am to do the daily baking.

Tonight we got to try some of the best known baked goods: namely German Black Forest Cake and Orange Cheese cake both priced at only B70 before our FF discounts.

One of Deutches Haus’s great reputation is built around their German Buffets on Wednesday and Saturday from 6pm to 9pm, featuring German sausages, steaks, soups, stews, potatoes, vegetables and many other items too numerous to mention for an embarrassingly low price of B220 (no discounts on buffets) or their Sunday morning Buffet Brunch for only B150 including Swiss brewed coffee or tea, unlimited juice, eggs cooked to order with lots of side dishes. Served from 8am til noon, but they are open 7 days a week from 8am to midnight.

My meal this evening was a German open faced sandwich plate with Liverwurst on a hard German rye bread (B130) and the orange cheese cake (B70) Plus a bottle of German Dark beer (B180). A great, satisfying German meal for only B300 after discounts. Quite a few of the other members chose the popular 1kg steamed or grilled German Pork Knuckle (B310) or the Weiner Schnitzel (B210), Jaeger Schnitzel (B260), smoked pork loin chop (B200) or traditional plates of German sausage with potatoes and sauerkraut for one to four people with price ranging from B210 to B570.

For the light eater you can have two steamed Polish sausages with potato salad for (B190), or Bratwurst with onion gravy boiled potatoes and red cabbage (B210) or fried Bratwurst with pan fried potatoes and sauerkraut also for (B210).

Many steak choices were offered ranging from a huge T-bone at (B370) with baked potato and mushrooms or Filet Mignon with fries and steamed vegetables (B300) or filet Chateaubriand with steamed asparagus and vegetables and fries for B320. Hard to beat these prices anywhere in town and we (members) get 20% discount off of these prices.

Seven different soups are offered and come in big bowls with slices of German bread, ranging in price from the Hungarian Goulash at B160 to asparagus cream soup at B100 or my favorite is the Granny’s green pea soup with ham B140. Rita’s favorite is the French Onion soup at B120.

For you rabbit food eaters you also will have a difficult time choosing what salad you would like. Shrimp Cocktail salad B170, Chief’s salad (ham, cheese, bacon, chicken, egg and olives) B150 or if you are watching your weight and budget or following your salad with a large meal then choose the Cucumber or tomato salad for only B70.

Pat confessed that one the prime reasons for her success is the fact that not only are her employees treated like family but they are trained from day one to treat the customers like family and make them want to come back and visit often due to the congenial atmosphere of Deutches Haus. Whether you are a Frugal Freddy card carrying member or not, stop in to Deutches Haus, I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Frugal Freddy dining group meets each Monday and Tuesday, meeting times are always 6pm and are at restaurants that Hawaii Bob has determined give good value for the Baht with most of them even offering a special discount that evening. With the value of foreign currency shrinking against the baht and Thai inflation hitting us in the wallet club member seek out value dining. If you would like to get on our mailing list and join us some evening just email with “Frugal Freddy as the subject” and you will get notices where to go and make new friends, meet old friends and get reasonably priced meals. Any restaurant owner wanting us to review or visit their establishment can do the same.