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Eating out in Bangkok: October 2013

The Londoner pub is a well known and indeed good sized English style public house located on the corner of Sukhumvit road and Sukhumvit soi 33. The place is in a basement setting and features a wide open staircase that takes you to the entrance door. On the menu is a great selection of English pub favourites as well as a good range of international cuisine. The menu has a special British dishes section, which includes favourites such as traditional British fish and chips, chicken and mushroom pie and chilli con carne. Jacket potatoes, bangers and mash and a famous all day breakfast with Cumberland pork sausage are also in the line up. The rest of the menu gives way to an array of starters that includes salads such as smoked salmon and avocado salad, and other mains including a pan seared Dory on a bed of cream spinach and a succulent New Zealand lamb shank. Sandwiches are also featured and include the signature Londoner cheeseburger, American hot dog and classic club sandwich. The menu also features a good selection of Thai food as well as a selection of desserts. A good range of beers is on offer and the Londoner is well known for several signature beers brewed on the premises. Prices are just around average and portions are large. If you are after a good pub setting with great food then there is no need to look any further!

Buono Bistro is set between the fashion island mall and the promenade dining and recreation plaza on the walkway that connects the two establishments. It is well advertised so not so easy to miss!. Buono is an Italian style bistro and so on offer is a range of Italian fare including pizzas and pasta dishes as well as a number of international dishes including steak and fish. Although the pizza and pasta dishes are reasonably well priced, the prices are quite high for other dishes especially when compared with a number of other restaurants in the area offering the same dishes. A pan fried bass with mashed potatoes costs 450 baht plus taxes and service charges, and although pricier than the competition is well presented with nicely piped mashed potatoes, a side of very tasty spinach and the bass very fresh, though without any accompanying sauce. A lasagna style pasta dish is also offered for 200 baht, which consists of a spinach and cheese filling amongst layered pasta slices. This is a good value option as the size is good and the dish very tasty. The ambience is nice with a large seating area set around a central pizza oven and pizza serving station. The seating consists of booth seating and stand alone tables with comfortable chairs. Service is good, but this could be on account of the fact it was not so busy at the time of sampling. A very good selection of wines and cocktails is available as are a range of delicious desserts. This is a good destination to dine at even if some dishes are a little expensive.

"In the mood for love" is the quirky name of a very well presented Japanese restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 36. It is set street side with off-road parking and a cute shuttle is provided to get you to and from your parking space. The place bills itself as a chic, high end sushi and sashimi bar and bistro that has some excellent offerings on its menu. Their signature sushi roll is delicious and well worth the asking price. Sashimi dishes are available as are a range of tempura offerings including soft shell crab tempura, which is a welcome sight for anyone who enjoys this delicacy. The place is in a long and narrow property with a bar that greets you as you walk in. Lighting incorporates birdcage shades to give the place a rustic feel. A sofa setting is available as well as seating on high tables. A range of sakes are available as are plenty of alternative spirits. A good selection of wines is also on offer. Look for occasional special offers on the food menu that include discounts and special menu selections such as scallop sushi with spicy crab meat. The place is well marketed on Facebook and has a good following so it is easy to keep track of menu additions, special nights and unique offers. Following a good success with the original restaurant, a new branch has also just opened up in the Ekkamai district.

The Bug and Bee is a unique place situated in Silom road not far from the BTS station. It is set in a four-storey property with seating on all four floors. An outside terrace area is also available, though you may wish to opt for the air-conditioned seating inside. Bug and Bee is a very internet and computer friendly place, providing free internet on a Wi-Fi basis as well as a power socket at virtually every table for laptop or tablet users, providing the possibility for an extended sit down without running down your batteries. The menu is good and combines a café and restaurant affair all in one. Look for some great offerings on the menu including spicy teriyaki tuna, stuffed squid in red curry and Hong Kong fried rice. Other menu selections include crepe spinach lasagna, Massaman chicken, and fettuccini in Italian style tomato sauce. Also on offer are a range of desserts and cakes including chocolate crepe with fruit salad and ice cream as well as a good range of tea and coffee options. The place is well located for lunch but is also open late so you can enjoy dinner here too. In fact, if you are looking for a quiet place to surf the net for an extended time as well as to enjoy some great food then an all day stay at Bug and Bee could well be on the cards.