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 The Brave Lion

Have you been searching for authentic Italian food in Pattaya? Well the answer to all your problems may have just opened its doors - welcome to the new Brave Lion in Pratumnak.

If you were familiar with the the previous Brave Lion establishment then you will be most surprised at the Italian revolution currently taking place. Inside the restaurant there has been a big spruce up, smart red decor adorns new tables and chairs. The Brave Lion has a definite Italian feel and the new manager Corrado, is as Italian as they come.

On arrival we were handed the breakfast menu which is served until 12pm. There are three European choices including an unusual Beef Breakfast which includes a mini-burger, Australian beef bacon, 2 eggs any style, tomato, toast, coffee and juice.

Also available till midday are a limited range of Thai dishes that start at 80 baht they include Kao Pad, Tom Yum Khung, Panang Curry and Pad Phra Pao.

After midday the full menu comes into play including starters, salads, first dishes, and BBQ second courses. The salads include some excellent choices along with Carpaccio di Manzo, Melanzane Grigliate, Caprese and Burrata Su Letto di Rucola.

Corrado explained that his Italian dishes all have authentic ingredients and are made to age old Italian recipes that have not been tampered with. Corrado was taught cooking by his mother, and how to control the balance of the ingredients to produce Italian food with the flavours and tastes of Italy.

His First Dishes are delectable bowls of pasta, his Carbonara is made the Roman way with no cream, the creamy texture comes from the delicious Pecorino cheese that is used. Even the bacon that Corrado uses in his cooking is not what you would think, it is pork cheek from animals that roam on the Italian mountains.The pastas too are not your normal run of the mill fare, Timballo Alla Teramana, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, and Linguine Al Nero to name but three.There is also a choice between Red and White pizzas, one type made with a tomato base the other with mozzarella, both with delicious authentic fresh toppings, you will not see any pineapple on these pizzas!

The second courses come from the outside BBQ, which include Italian sausages, Argentinian beef tenderloin, pork steaks, Norwegian salmon and Australian lamb chops.Also The Brave Lion has a wonderful Italian wine cellar, at really good prices so you can wash the terrific food down with authentic vino. Deep tasting and classic reds such as Barolo and Amarone are complemented with Chianti and Rioja. The house wine is available by the glass and that too is imported from Italy, a choice of Pinot Grigio and Merlot.

Corrado is hoping that the Brave Lion can attain the Ospitalita Italiana like his two previous restaurants had. It is a respected certification of Italian authenticity that is run by the Italian / Thai Chamber of Commerce, that is documented and approved in Rome. Watch this space as expected sometime in November is the appearance of a celebrity chef from Italy. He is a three-time champion pizza maker of Italy and appears on Italian TV as a culinary judge.He will be demonstrating the art of pizza making, and it will prove to be both an instructional and highly entertaining evening.

The Brave Lion is a little part of Italy right here in Pattaya, the pricing is more than reasonable and the tastes are all authentic Italian. You can even spend the night as the Brave Lion has 9 well appointed guest rooms, so order a second bottle of Barolo and have a thoroughly relaxing evening.