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Da Vinci Restaurant & Champagne Lounge

Da Vinci - Italian Gourmet Restaurant

Located at the front of View Talay Residence 4 on the corner of Soi 5 (Immigration) and Jomtien Second Road is the impressive looking Da Vinci Restaurant and Champagne Lounge. As the name suggests this classy venue is much more than just a restaurant.

One of the things that set Da Vinci apart is the interesting concept of 2 full menus to choose from, one for patio dining outside, and a fine dining menu inside. The spacious terrace area is ideal for those who enjoy dining in a less formal atmosphere while still enjoying high quality food at realistic prices. Here you can enjoy breakfasts, sandwiches, superb burgers and homemade pizzas to list a few of the dishes on offer. For the more formal or romantic occasions there is an elegant dining room where you can enjoy a comprehensive selection of French and Italian cuisine including imported top shelf Beef, Bison, and catch of the day seafood as well as fresh homemade pastas all caringly prepared by the executive Chef Giuseppe Tumiotto.

Being more than just a restaurant Da Vinci has a comfortable lounge and bar area set aside for those who just wish to enjoy a cocktail or some of the great selection of fine wines and champagnes as well as a large shelf full of high end whiskey and spirits. Alternatively you can take in the relaxing ambience while sipping a cool beer.

It is here in the cocktail lounge under the watchful eye of restaurant manager Keoma Intravaia, that Da Vinci comes into its own. Many restaurants will prepare a dish of what you want and the way you want it cooked to satisfy your tastes. Here at Da Vinci the same can be said for their cocktails as Keoma is a top mixologist who just by listening to you, will create a cocktail to satisfy your taste be it sweet or sour.

By asking the right questions Keoma will create a unique cocktail just for your palate. He also cleverly uses various fruits and foods to enhance or complement the different flavours. This was clearly demonstrated in the 2 cocktails I was fortunate to try.

It was intriguing to see the ingredients being used in the preparation of the first cocktail called “Love Disappear”, and the use of a pear marmalade imported from Europe was a real surprise. There was some hesitancy on my part when it came to the tasting, after seeing what had been mixed together and thought the amount of ginger used would dominate both the smell and taste. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the taste considering the number of flavours blended together and with the effect of using imported italian cacao on the rim of the glass created an excellent balance. The overall effect was unexpected with the taste being very similar to coke reminding me of the sugar coated cola bottle sweets from my childhood.

The second drink was a Sour Cinnamon Daiquiri balanced against a homemade Italian gelato dessert, the pairing provided both sweet and sour and would make an excellent finishing act to any evening of fine dining.


What also adds to the experience is the passion and enthusiasm Keoma demonstrates when talking mixology and educating his clients on the subject. You can also see the evidence of the showman within as he prepares your special cocktail.


So why not visit Da Vinci, start the evening between 6-9 with their special 99 Baht Mojito, and  enjoy some quality cuisine with a great relaxing atmosphere while challenging Keoma to find the cocktail of your dreams.


Address: Corner of Jomtien Second Road and Soi 5 (Immigration's Office)


Telephone: 092 315 3359


More information on Da Vinci's Facebook page: DaVinciPattaya