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By Kevin Cain

Welcome to this month’s edition of Dining in Detail when the Pattaya Trader’s roving reporters were delighted to return to one of Jomtien’s most iconic restaurants: “Linda’s”. For those who have just arrived in Pattaya or never venture out, then Linda’s is situated on the main Thappraya Road opposite Jomtien Complex.

This restaurant has been serving the best quality food, with a Norwegian twist, since 2005 and is one of the most respected eateries in the whole of Pattaya. Specialising in fresh and seasonal food, Linda’s excels in Norwegian delicacies. We were therefore very excited because we had been specially invited to sample their most prized ingredient, namely the imported Norwegian Salmon.

Out appointment was 1pm, and Linda’s already had a busy lunchtime trade, taking full advantage of the daily lunch menu. Linda sources her Salmon from a Norwegian / Japanese fish importing company in Bangkok, and only the finest and freshest fish are used to create her dishes, the superb taste reflects this. Among the delights of the Norwegian Salmon menu is an appetiser entitled “Duo of Smoked and Gravlax” together with Cream Cheese, Dill Stewed Potatoes & Mustard sauce. If it is a “lite bite” you are looking for then opt for the “Smoked Salmon Salad” with peppery Rocket and drizzled with Balsamic. Or a delightful “Smoked Salmon Sandwich” together with freshly baked granary bread.

As it was lunchtime we opted for two main meals featuring the freshest, boneless fillets of Norwegian Salmon. My choice was the “Poached Salmon with Buttercream Sauce” served with boiled potatoes and a crisp tangy cucumber salad. The pink flesh of the fish simply flaked away when I touched it with my fork and the accompanying creamy sauce was not too overpowering for the delicate flavour of the salmon. My colleague chose the “Grilled Salmon” which had a slight charring on the outside with almost a fine hint of Cajun spices. Again the fish was the star of the show and the distinctive salmon flavour was not lost in the sauce which was served separately.

To my knowledge Linda’s is the only restaurant in Pattaya that has its main focus on Norwegian Salmon and for fish lovers who enjoy its authentic taste,Linda’s really is the only option. Another unique special is “Bacalao”. I was under the impression that this was a Portuguese dish but Linda educated me by advising that it originates from Norway. The “Bacalao” was presented impeccably and was a treat for the eyes. consisting of a firm salted dry cod fillet smothered in olives and garlic. It was accompanied by a complex tomato sauce consisting of New Zealand Green-Shell Mussels seasoned with cayenne. The combination of the firm white fish together with the deep flavoured sauce was a marriage made in heaven and the dish was simply “a winner!”

We were delighted with the superb dishes that we had just eaten and as usual the service was friendly but very efficient. So when saying our goodbyes and feeling a lot fuller than we had when we entered the restaurant, we paused to give each other our opinions. Needless to say we were delighted with the fabulous food we had just eaten and wondered why we don’t frequent Linda’s more regularly ? But that is sometimes the case with familiar friends, we don’t go to see them as often as we should. My advice is, if you have not been to Linda’s for some time, go and see an old friend very soon, you will not be disappointed.