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Chez Yvette, a hidden gem that shines bright on the dark side.

Review by Terrence Collins
Hidden away down a quiet side road of the Soi Nerb Plerb Wan section of chicken crossroads lies the Holland Tulip Resort, home to the family run French restaurant named Chez Yvette. Upon entering e you are warmly greeted by enthusiastic and friendly staff, our waitress for the night Khun YaYa, being a real asset to the restaurant. 
Our drinks order was quickly taken and a sliced loaf of warm bread with tomato salsa brought to the table in no time, allowing us to wet our appetite as we browsed the small but exciting menu, where there was certainly something for everyone.
We started by ordering my old favorite pan seared foie gras with black cherries and caramelized gala apple whilst my “better half” chose the Italian cold cuts, a selection of chorizo, coppa, mortadella and Parma ham. My foie gras was cooked to perfection and just melted in the mouth, the cherries and apple complimented the richness of dish and left you wanting more. The cold cuts were good quality and beautifully presented on a slate chopping board.
For our second course another two favorites jumped out, the imported rabbit leg in mustard sauce and Tournedos Rossini. This steak served on a slice of toast,  covered in rich Madeira sauce and topped with a slice of foie gras, came with a small side salad and delicious helping of dauphinoise  potato cooked in a small ramekin dish.
The proprietor Jeremy aims to treat all his guests as if they are members of his own family. He reminisced about his childhood growing up in Nice, South of France, telling us how his family would get together to sit around the kitchen table whilst his grandmother Yvette (whom the restaurant is named after), served dish after dish of wonderful home cooking which has actually become the back bone of his menu, -  how special is that? When you eat in Chez Yvette you are enjoying a slice of history with old family recipes passed down through the decades. 
Back to the food, my rabbit was once again a large portion, not skinny like the Thai rabbits, no sir and the mustard sauce was just perfect, so much so, that I think grandma Yvette would have been very proud of her grandson Jeremy and his lovely restaurant. Fettuccini was recommended as the perfect accompaniment to this dish  the pasta soaking up all the wonderfully creamy mustard sauce.
We were both full to the brim, so we waited a while before ordering desert and over a few glasses of wine, got to know the staff, who really made the effort to welcome and take care of all Jeremy's guests. It is very refreshing to meet someone who has been in Thailand so long (approx 20 years) and is still so enthusiastic about what he is doing here.
It’s easy to see that the restaurant is a labor of love and its the ideal venue for families to just relax and spend time together, whilst eating great food and drinking  wine at the same time, of course.
So finally we got around to ordering desserts from two small blackboards on painters’ easel - yet another nice touch.
For a lone chocoholic they can serve a single chocolate lava cake, but for a group  they have created an island lava cake which serves six. We opted for The Rhum
Baba and Tiramisu. The Rhum Baba came with a syringe full of Capt Morgan’s rum and a serving of vanilla ice cream while the Tiramisu was as good as you will find anywhere.A night cap of Don Papa, interesting Filipino rum with the proprietor and staff completed the night off perfectly.
The whole bill came to 3,200 THB including all drinks and two carafes of wine, so exceptional value for money considering the ambience, service and quality of food.