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If you’re hankering for a Sunday roast but live in Jomtien and don’t want to travel into town there’s a new kid on the block. The Corner House bar at The Rompho market has made a bold move and against a trend of nearby bars looking sad,.lonely and decorating their frontages with “For Sale” signs, The Corner House bar has decided to invest and make a go of it.

To that end they have extended and modernised what was just a tiny little kitchen behind the bar to something capable of providing breakfasts, salads, burgers and most importantly of all Sunday roasts. For only 250 baht you can enjoy chicken, pork or beef with a surcharge of 50 baht for lamb and only an extra 25 baht for each additional meat allowing you a choice of a double,triple or even quadruple roast meal. Then with just enough room on the plate you can also enjoy roast potato, mash,carrots, cauliflower cheese, broccoli, brussel sprouts, stuffing and even a yorkshire pudding ! Also as someone who loves a relish, good to see plenty of apple sauce for the pork, Colman’s mustard to enjoy with the beef, mint for the lamb and plenty of delicious gravy..

Undoubtedly with this offer The Corner House (our house is your house) is bound to get really busy and even though you are seated in a semi open setting there are plenty of fans around and plenty of TV screens for a Sunday sports catch up. Considering the demise of Shenanigans and absence of many other providers of Sunday lunch in the area they are sure to do well. So be patient if they are busy and you have to wait a little while - better to know that your food is being carefully prepared rather than hear the instant ping of the microwaved meal!

When we visited, there was a soft menu being tried out and a delightful surprise that wasn’t shown,on it was a choice of Apple pie or Apple crumble with freshly (made from scratch) custard. The apple had a touch of cinnamon and the pie was warm and delicious - a complete memory jogger to “Mum’s homemade”.

In two weeks time there will be an official offering and I urge you all to go and try it.. .

Your convivial host Stuart is no stranger to providing Sunday lunches. Back in the UK he ran a company providing daily roasts for home delivery and now in Jomtien he welcomes your comments and suggestions. After all if The Corner House is as keen to do as well in the kitchen as its team does in the pool league then they are sure to make a real go of it .