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Bake N' Brew is more than Coffee Cakes and Breakfast 



Throughout the years, Pattaya has experienced a revival of quality restaurants and diners. Bake N' Brew is certainly at the forefront of this culinary renaissance in Sin City.


Tucked away in Soi Excite (otherwise known as Pattaya Sai 3, Soi 23) this charming restaurant offers an impressive repertoire of homemade-style burgers, fusion dishes, breakfasts, cakes and brews (including a diverse menu of milkshakes, coffees, teas and their signature healthy smoothies). The Pattaya Trader was there this past week to sample some of their most popular dishes. 


We have long established that food enters through the eyes first, and before I start repeating myself throughout the article, let me state that the presentation of all the dishes at Bake N' Brew was absolutely impeccable: Not only does the chef expertly use colours and textures, but also the arrangement of all the elements in the plate are crafted for balance and a playful kind of perfection.

French toast, bacon and fresh fruits

french toast made at bake N Brew Pattaya


My initial surprise (as such a pretty plate was placed in front of me) slowly melted away as the aroma of freshly-fried bacon and egg overtook my senses. I didn’t waste much time before diving (bacon first) into this lovely plate of french toast. As far as flavours go, the mixture and contrast between the salty-crispy-bacon and sweet-eggy-toast was amazing. Even more  (though you can't see it from the picture) the pieces of toast, which remained skillfully crispy despite the egg around them, were also sprinkled with cinnamon giving the experience another layer of flavour.

Now combine all of this with a mouthful of ridge-cut bananas, peaches and fresh raspberries (yup fresh ones, not the defrosted type) and you have the ideal dish to start your day. And in case you haven't noticed from the picture, that little bottle on the top right is a quality maple syrup that just begs to be poured all over this lovely dish.



Beef Goulash with fettuccine and green salad

Beef Goulash dish made by Bake N Brew Pattaya

Possibly my favourite dish of the day, the beef was extremely tender and happily floating in a thick flavourful broth that by the taste of it, must have taken long hours to make. The fettuccine that came with the plate was lightly dressed with olive oil and fresh dill, the perfect base for the rich and thick Goulash sauce.


The sour cream that topped the broth was just the right addition. Once mixed, it turned the whole dish into a wonderfully creamy and tasty concoction. The aroma emanating from it took me back to my infancy and my grandma's kitchen. It is a truly delicious dish that has a strong home-made feel, taste, look and flavour.



Story by Matias Berra