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A cozy restaurant that is open to “Suggestions”

review by Terrence Collins
Upon driving into the large car park off Soi Nerbplubwan, Mabyailia 28 there stands an orange house, which is quite easy to find, if you know what you’re looking for.The sign stated, “Suggestions Cozy Restaurant” so I knew I had the right location but harder to find was the front doorway, that’s because it’s at the rear of the property.I felt a little bit like a burglar casing out the joint as I crept around the rear of the property but luckily enough I found the entrance, before the boys in light brown (The Cops) arrested me!   
The restaurant immediately lived up to its Cozy status as we were warmly greeted by two service staff, who seated us near the window.Upon ordering drinks a delicious pate of chicken liver and warm bread was brought to the table. So we browsed the menu whilst waiting for our drinks and devouring the pate, but what really jumped out at me was the specials board, which featured Ostrich, Venison, Seabass and Australian rack of Lamb.
Apparently the special boards change regularly due to which produce is or isn’t in season at the moment, plus it also gives regular diners something different to try from the menu every time they visit.There is nothing worse than knowing a menu off by heart and we all like a little surprise or something different every now and then. - They do say “variety is the spice of life” ! 
The drinks arrived promptly and our orders were taken, there were four of us in total as we were celebrating a dear friend’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Krissy My Love ! Myself and my better half, opted for the avocado & crab salad for starters, the birthday girl chose Bruschetta with Parma Ham, whilst her worst half Adrian ordered the avocado, shrimp, crab & smoked salmon salad which was enormous. Basically it was a main course as it came with French fries, so maybe we ordered wrong, but who cares, we polished it all off in no time.
The avocado was really good, certainly worth going back for on its own, but next time I would opt for avocado with shrimps as they looked really fresh and Adrian confirmed they were delicious, but he wasn’t prepared to share, not even a little taste !
The Flemish head chef and owner Edwin came out to speak with us, a pleasant fellow who attended culinary school in Bangkok, so it’s understandable that his menu features a few fusion dishes combining European and Asian flavors, which is all the trend in Bangkok nowadays but a little harder to find in Pattaya.Obviously coming from Belgium, he is keen to promote imported Belgium beers:  Hoegaarden  “very popular with Thai ladies”,  Kasteel, Karmeliet and Kriek St Louis to name a few.
In no time at all our main courses arrived, Krissy always orders  a steak and was not disappointed, especially considering the size of the portion, Adrian opted for the Atlantic cod with even more shrimps that  were also not to be shared. Adrian’s pet hate is fish bones, if he gets one in his mouth its game over for main course and straight on to dessert, so it was a bit of a gamble on his part.But he was very pleasantly surprised that not a single fish bone was on the plate, so absolutely no chance of me tasting the cod either!
Pepsi my wife had the Tuna steak which was delicious and once again a very generous portion, served with really good mashed potatoes, which proved too much for her and for me Edwin recommended the Venison in sweet wine sauce with Croquette potatoes. 
The venison was served medium rare “the best and only way to have it” unless it’s in a stew of course.. The game being presented on a bed of sautéed cabbage and mushrooms which complimented the meat perfectly. So far top marks all round for the appetizers and main courses, but now we needed some breathing space before ordering dessert.
With Edwin being from Belgium, I was really determined to try something chocolaty for dessert, but upon opening the dessert menu, my mind soon changed as I could not resist the Sabayon, which by the way I was extremely glad I ordered. Pepsi had the tiramisu; Adrian ordered a crème brulee, whilst the birthday girl Krissy went all out for the crepe suzette which was quite impressively flambéed at the table, with flames almost reaching the ceiling.All the deserts ordered were delicious, this isn’t a restaurant where you should skip dessert The star of the evening being the Sabayon  came with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, fresh cream and red berry coulis, absolutely heavenly.
Upon receiving the bill we were pleasantly surprised, you can easily eat in this restaurant for well under 1,000 THB per head for three courses. Obviously drinks are extra. But considering the ambience, service and quality of food, that really is quite amazing value.
“Suggestions” also offer a lunch  time special, set three course menu, with a choice of starters and main courses for as little as 250 THB, although Edwin stated that he will have to put the price up soon to 295 THB. - Well that’s certainly not going to deter me from visiting again soon, you really must try it, a great new addition to dining on the darkside.
I wish Edwin and his staff every success in the future.
The restaurant is open from 11am until 11pm six days a week, closed on Mondays
Call for reservations ENG 0865580491 THAI 0958089288