Managing Your Real Estate Business with The Voova Property System

by Glenn Cowan

Readers of last month's edition will recall we touched on the key benefits of using some form of property system to help manage various aspects of a realtor’s business.This time we will take a closer look at one of the main players in this market - aka:

The Voova Property System.

We will find out what it can do, how it does it and uncover a few core benefits that your business could be in receipt of. However before we delve into the ins and outs, we should perhaps take a quick overview.

What is the Property System

To sum it up in simplistic terms, The Voova Property System is a web based management system for property companies / real estate agents / property developers.The key benefit here is that it allows multiple operators to use the system, from different locations, without the need to install expensive hardware.

Because the system is cloud based it allows users to view live information relating to all aspects of managing properties, both on a rental and sale basis.Visitors to your website will see a highly polished, professional display of properties

Highly Configurable

It's fair to say that no two real estate agents run their businesses in exactly the same way.

Thankfully, The Voova Property System allows an operator to take complete control of what is required. Options include (but are not limited to):

  • Locations, ie Jomtien, Pratumnak, Pattaya etc.

  • Property types, Condo, House, Land etc

  • Available for, Sale, Rent or both

This means that you can completely customize the look and feel of your site to match up with your business model.

Property Search Feature

The customer search facility should be at the heart of any good property system. This will allow potential buyers (or renters) to locate their ideal property. The Voova Property System excels in this all important area, with visitors being able to narrow down their search criterion to suit exactly what they need.

Users can choose: to see properties as follows:

  • Rental, sale or both

  • Property type: Commercial, House, Condo, Land, Business, Investment Property

  • Price range, Min to Max

  • Location: Precise area of property

  • Bedrooms: Numerical value

  • Bathrooms: Numerical value


The search facility also allows a visitor to add specific keywords to their search, to again help narrow down the results to suit their query. Website visitors are also able to choose a more simplistic search facility, where they can see a wider set of results by not selecting some of the above options.

Multilingual Support

Another excellent feature of The Voova Property System is that it can be set up to accommodate multiple languages.Menus and content can be produced in a wide variety of languages which allow your properties to have shown in the language that suits your customers.

Promoting Important Properties

If like many realtors you have properties that have “been hanging around”, you can take advantage of a really cool element to feature these properties more prominently. Sidebars and other areas of your website can be utilized to get these important properties right in front of “ready to spend” potential customers.

Fully Managed Back-End Control

One of the main reasons clients decide to take on The Voova Property System is the ease in the way that you can add / update listings. You can literally take the information of a new property and have it featured on your website within a few minutes, including showcasing the property with some attractive images.Staff members can be trained quickly and easily to maximize the effectiveness of your newly acquired property-portal.

In addition, property owners can login to view statements and sales/rental statuses too.

Turbo Charge Your Real Estate Business!

Low start up costs and affordable rental payments mean that The Voova Property System can be brought on board as an integral part of your real estate business. In next to no time you can be showcasing your listings and building up an active property portfolio.

If you haven’t taken a look at the system then now is the perfect time to do so. Talk to The Voova Group who can assist with organizing a free demonstration !